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Thank you for visiting my website and wanting to learn more about me and what I hope to do for YOU.

Mike Stokes

Mike Stokes

My name is Mike Stokes, and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (when I’m not in Panama City Beach, Florida).

In this (hopefully) brief introduction, I’m going to attempt to help you to understand –

Why I’m Writing This Blog
2. Who I Am
3. What I Do
4. Why I Want More Out of Life
5. What I Hope to Do for YOU

Who I Am – My name is Mike Stokes, and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (originally from Pensacola, Florida). I’m married with three beautiful daughters and five precious grandchildren. I attended LSU back in the day and majored in accounting with a minor in finance.

What I Do – Prior to beginning this journey that I’ll be chronicling in this blog, I had “retired” in 2011 and planned on gardening and creating an urban farm to sustain my family and taking it easy. My social security benefits are $855 a month, and I ‘m still pulling in another $850 a month from a network marketing business I had worked back in 2007.

I also earn ad revenues every day from some blogs I set up several years ago. Check our Cajun Cooking TV to see what I’m talking about. Cajun Cooking TV was my first blog, I didn’t know a thing about blogging, but I had heard it was the “next big thing”, so I figured I better learn how to do it.

I’m sure glad I did, because these blogs are like money machines you set up that just keep on paying you. One particular blog I set up to sell an affiliate product – a book called Magnetic Sponsoring – has generated a check for me every month since September 2005. (You can see that blog here.)

I’ll be writing an article (on this blog) showing step-by-step exactly how I set up Cajun Cooking TV, with all of my mistakes and successes, so stay tuned.

Why I (now) Want More – Well, quite frankly two things woke me up to the fact that we just were not gonna be able to get by on my retirement income –

1. The cost of living is going up almost daily, and

2. The purchasing power of my income is going down almost daily.

– If you do the grocery shopping for your family like I do, you’re seeing the cost of your weekly trip to the grocery store go up almost weekly, just like I am. The same shopping list that cost about $100 bucks it seems like just yesterday is costing nearly $200 bucks now. And it’s only gonna get worse.

– Taxes are going up whether you like it or not, and government services are declining.

– My wife is still working and has a job with great benefits, praise the Lord (but unfortunately no retirement). However, she is now having to work 65+ hours a week now instead of 40 hours for the same paycheck (on salary of course, no overtime).

– Let me go on record as saying that I sincerely want everyone to have the health care that they need for their family. Unfortunately the reality is that the cost of healthcare is out of control and getting higher all the time.

– For example, my healthy 26 year old daughter had coverage on a company policy, but now is working for a small business that does not have a group medical insurance plan. She is having to pay $640.98 per month for an individual policy because the insurance companies are afraid to take on new business because of the uncertainties in the market right now.

– This is a major increase that she cannot afford so we are having to help her with this expense. I thank the Lord every day that I set up those blogs years ago that allow me to have this extra money today to help my children get established.

(God forbid this could happen to YOU when you retire.)

These are just a few examples of more expenses on a shrinking income… I know you can name a LOT more examples…

PCB 0613The bottom line is, although we may be getting by today, the handwriting is on the wall – what we’re getting by on today, WILL NOT get us by in the future.

Add to that the grim prospects for good jobs and even higher taxes and cost of living that our children will face means that we have to help our children get established financially before we can rest easy.

Why I’m Writing This Blog – I’m writing this blog to help people like my daughter (a single mom) and other retirees that just need to make ends meet, or that cannot get a good paying job in this “new economy”, to learn how to create out of thin air a simple online business so they can –

1. Make a living

2. Or at least make ends meet financially

3. Or even create an inheritance for their family.

My Story –

I’ve been involved in network marketing, or MLM as some folks call it, since about March of 1988. I was broke and homeless, and met a fellow in a bar room that told me I could make some money selling water filters (the company was called NSA).

I had no idea what network marketing was and didn’t even know that’s what I was doing.

After I sold a water filter to everyone that I could think of that I knew, my career was at a standstill.

amwayWhen I tried to pitch my daughter’s soccer coach on buying a water filter, he exposed me to the wonderful world of “building a pyramid”, or multi-level marketing – Amway.

That sounded like an excellent way to get rich to me, so my network marketing education began in earnest. I never got rich, needless to say, but I did learn a lot about marketing and direct sales.

I never made any lasting income with Amway, but I met a lot of great people, and I loved the education and the experience and it helped me a lot when I moved on to other network marketing opportunities and finally started making money.

I’ve now consistently made money from network marketing and direct sales since 1998.

I tell you all of this so that you will know that I am NOT a GURU that’s gonna try to sell you on the latest and greatest get-rich-quick money making schemes…

And I NOT gonna tell you I can show you how make a MILLION…

But, with over 25 YEARS in the industry, buying and trying just about everything out there to LEARN HOW to make money marketing…

And, having consistently MADE MONEY month after month for over 15 YEARS

I believe that I CAN help you to avoid the pitfalls and scams that proliferate the “Make Money Online” arena and help you to MAKE ENDS MEET with your own direct sales and/or online marketing business.

What I Hope to Do for YOU – My goal is to show you exactly WHAT I am doing, what is working and what is NOT working, and HOW I am doing it, in order to help you develop a home business that you can manage on a PART-TIME basis, that will enable to MAKE YOUR ENDS MEET.

So, what’s BOTTOM LINE?

The BOTTOM LINE is, IF you’re looking for someone to LIE to you and tell you that you can GET RICH overnight with NO WORK, then this website is not for you.

However, IF you’re looking for the REAL DEAL, someone who will tell you the TRUTH and will actually BE HERE to HELP YOU, then you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE.

I want to hear from you!

Please leave a comment below with any questions, comments or ideas that you’d like to discuss so that other readers can learn from our discussions as well.

If you have any private questions or situations you’d like to discuss, please give me a call.

I urge you to subscribe to our Mechanics of Wealth newsletter so that you can stay up to date on everything that we are doing getting our Part-Time Millionaire’s eMail Money Machine developed.

I wish you the best of everything life has to offer!

Mike Stokes
(225) 366-0731
Baton Rouge, LA

Mike Stokes

Mike Stokes

7 Responses to About Me

  1. Franklin Glauser says:

    Well Mr. Mike I have looked at Your lifestyle report, well we have one thing in common
    My wife and I are still in AMWAY but with a Network21 education since 2004 , I have to say a very strong education and quality products, whats the downwards principle is; there are function,meetings, food demo and so goes on very much time consuming for people like us working from 0300 Hr to 1800 Hr five days a week, I called impossible to reach financial freedom, therefore I choose to start with internet – guess what. I have no or little computer knowledge and my success has not progressed to reach financial freedom well Mr. Mike If You think You have the answer for me ,and able to show me step by step how to produce the first dollar I am prepared to listen and follow Your advise and instruction
    regards Franklin – looking forward to hear from You

    • Editor says:

      Thank you for getting in touch with us, Franklin.

      I will sent you an email to get your started in the right direction.


    • Editor says:

      Hi Franklin,

      Our marketing plan revolves around a concept called “attraction marketing”.

      My recommendation for you is to get familiar with it
      from the hands down best resource ever written on
      the subject – Magnetic Sponsoring.

      Here’s a link where you can get 7 free videos to familiarize you with it.


      Please let me know what you think and what questions you may have
      after you’ve watched the videos.

      I’d also highly recommend getting the book along the line.

      I hope to hear from you again soon,

      Mike Stokes

  2. Chuck Holmes says:

    Great bio, Mike. You sound like you’ve lived a pretty darn cool life. I really enjoy your blog and I too, have also achieved tremendous success with Magnetic Sponsoring (for almost five years now). I love blogging too. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Chuck Holmes

  3. Charlie says:

    Hi Steve, just got through reading your Cash Flow Strategy Report. Do you have a template or samples you are willing to share for the classified ads you ran in weekly papers?

  4. Cairine says:

    Would love to have samples of your ads.

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