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Aweber Email AutoResponder

Aweber Email AutoResponderThere is a lot involved in running a business, whether it’s an online venture or a traditional brick and mortar store. In today’s economy, the savvy business owner will use whatever tools are available to stay a step ahead of the competition.  So no matter what kind of business you run, having an online presence is pretty much a necessity.

But having a website is just the beginning. Once a potential customer finds your site, the goal is to get that visitor to visit more than once. Many studies have shown that it’s much harder to continually drum up new business than it is to retain previous customers.

In fact, it’s said that it can take as many as seven contacts with a person before that person may feel comfortable enough to make a purchase. That’s something you don’t want to leave to chance because realistically, the chance of a person returning to a website seven different times on purpose, is slim.

So in order to make those seven contacts, you need some way to persuade them to return and that’s where an autoresponder comes in. With an email autoresponder, you are getting one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools ever invented.

Why You Need an Autoresponder

So what can an autoresponder do for your business? Well let’s start by saying that when it comes to maintaining that all-important contact with customers or potential customers, there is no better way to do that than with an email autoresponder.

It’s difficult enough to attract a person to your website in the first place and it’s going to cost you time and/or money to do that. So, it would be a shame to waste all that time and money by letting that prospect walk away.

A great way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to offer your prospects something of value for free, in exchange for their email address. Once that prospect has agreed to receive information from your business by subscribing to your email marketing list, you have the opportunity to turn that prospect into a customer.

Do that with enough prospects or potential customers and you will have built yourself a very valuable asset – a list. If you’re familiar with internet marketing, you have probably heard the expression that ‘the money is in the list’.Aweber

If you make the effort to build a list, you will find that it’s a solid strategy that can help to build your business and establish your brand. Instead of spending money over and over again on advertising to try to attract new customers, it’s a much better investment to spend that money on retaining previous customers or visitors to your site. A great autoresponder service, like Aweber can help you do that.

By providing value to your subscribers, chances are they will purchase from you when the time comes and then become loyal customers over the long term.

The Benefits of Using an Autoresponder

So how do you provide enough value to entice someone to subscribe? There are a number of proven methods.

You could offer a discount on an item you’re selling on your site, in return for subscribing. That way the person feels like they are getting something extra because they are signing up.

But perhaps even better is to offer something of value for free. Depending on the type of site you have, you could give away an e-book or offer a mini course that would help solve a problem or provide valuable information for the visitor to your site.

Once a person fills in their information and clicks the sign-up button, they will automatically receive an email in return. (And if you’re using an autoresponder service like Aweber, that response will come almost immediately.)

In fact, everything can be completely automated with Aweber, which is one of the major benefits of going with that company. Save time too by being able to contact all of your customers at once with pre-written messages.

Getting a person to sign up for your list is just the first step. Once you have a person on your list, your autoresponder becomes a 24/7 salesperson for your business.

Want to offer a few tips in running a home-based business successfully?

Simply write up a short message or even a series of messages, load them into your autoresponder, decide when you’d like the messages delivered and without doing anything else, your subscriber will get those tips. (You can change or update these messages at any time too.)

It’s a great way to go about branding yourself as an expert in the field.

Have a special limited time, subscriber-only offer you want to notify your customers about right away?

Just send out a special one-time broadcast message. It’s a wonderful way to show appreciation to your loyal customers and an incentive for them to stay on your list.

Want to let your list members know about the latest product you’ve released? Would you like to ask them to visit your site to read a new blog post they might find interesting?

It’s a simple matter when all you have to do is add a new message to your automated email message system and schedule it to go out.

As a business owner, can you really afford not to use an autoresponder to grow and brand your business?

Choosing an Autoresponder Service

But all autoresponders are not the same. And since this is your primary means of keeping in touch, you better choose a good one.

Even autoresponders are ‘ranked’ by the search engines, but in a different way than a website. The better autoresponders are almost guaranteed of having their messages delivered to an inbox. Less reliable services can’t promise that.

The expression “you get what you pay for” is certainly true when you’re looking for an autoresponder service. There are both free and paid options. Let’s look at a few of the differences between them to help you decide which may be best for you.

With the free ones, although there may be no cost to use the service, you’re going to pay in other ways.

For instance, if you use the autoresponder that many hosting companies provide, be aware that you will be limited in the number of emails you will be able to send out in a 24 hour period. If you have many subscribers, it may literally take days to send out a single email to everyone.

This doesn’t happen with a company like Aweber. You can depend on your email going out to all of your subscribers at the specific time that you choose.

Often free services include an ad with every message you send to your subscribers, in exchange for a no cost service. Is that really what you want your subscribers to see when they open your email?

The biggest problem though is with deliverability. Many free autoresponders have less than stellar reputations and are often associated with junk emails. Many ISPs direct the emails from these sources right into the spam folder before your subscriber even sees them.

Those are just a few of the reasons why those who are serious about building their business opt for a paid autoresponder service. You flat out won’t run into these problems with a reliable autoresponder company.

Why Choose Aweber Email Autoresponder?

There are several highly thought of autoresponder services out there. Aweber is considered the top email automated delivery service among internet marketers. And they should know because these marketers use autoresponders extensively in their businesses.

So what makes Aweber so good, aside from what’s already been mentioned?

Well for starters, if you are technically challenged, this won’t be a problem, as Aweber makes setting up your autoresponder easy.

Both video and written directions are available to guide you through the process, right from setting up your email campaign to putting a web form of your choosing on your website, and everything in between.

But just in case you do get stuck, their support is top-notch. There are a number of different ways for you to get in touch and they will work with you to sort out any difficulties you may be having.

Aside from clear instructions, they also supply a huge number of templates for you to use. In fact there are over 400 web form templates, all of which can be customized so you can get the look that blends in with the type of site you have. And when you do send out an email to your subscribers, you can choose from more than 150 different templates.

Plus there’s no need to worry about whether or not your subscriber’s email service allows them to view emails that contain images, color headlines and other neat features. There is always an alternate text version that gets sent out in this case.

But perhaps most importantly is the fact that with its excellent reputation, Aweber has one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry. You won’t find emails sent through Aweber ending up in anyone’s spam folder which means that your message is going to get through to your subscribers

Maybe that’s why Aweber is considered the Cadillac of autoresponders. If you’re serious about growing your business, you can’t go wrong with this marketing tool.

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