Creating a Work at Home Income for Retirees

Creating a Work at Home Income for Retirees

Gone are the days when people went to school, secured a career and retired with a complimentary watch to live out their golden years.

The American dream has changed – and so has the retirement age, continually going up year after year.

But many companies still look to hire younger workers who can be with the company for years. Or they offer incentive packages to get older workers to step down.

The average age for retirement in the United States right now is 67 – and just a decade ago is was 63. Officially, it’s usually 65 when men and women retire, but for many reasons, this just won’t work for some people these days.

Why Retirees Start Working from Home

People are living longer, healthier lives these days. Sometimes, they choose to continue working – from home – so that they can fulfill their need to stave off boredom.

Having too much idle time at home can send some people spiraling down into a deep depression.

While their days used to be filled with chatter with co-workers, and a sense of purpose contributing to the company, they now wake up with nowhere to go and no one to see.

A work at home career can fill this need. While they might not be interacting with others in person, there are all sorts of ways they can feel useful and interact with people – including forums, email and Skype.

planning for retirementSome retirees find that their savings won’t go very far. They need to use a work at home career as a way to supplement their income.

Social Security doesn’t afford many people the same lifestyle they enjoyed while working, so earning more lets them keep their standard of living.

Sometimes they just need a little bump in income, so they can pursue a work at home career as a part time passion. But some people are severely struggling, so they have to somehow find a large influx of cash.

Mental acuity is another reason why many retirees choose to begin working at home. Continual learning keeps your mind sharp.

As we age, dementia and common forgetfulness increase, so working from home helps you stay focused in much the same way as a brain game (such as Sudoku) would.

Prerequisites for a Good Work at Home Career

Not every work at home career is a good one. You need to be selective. The last thing you want is to spend time building a business only to learn it’s not the right path for you.

There are many opportunities out there, so make sure you do your homework.

There are four basic things you want to look for whenever you’re investigating a work at home option.

Flexible time is imperative for many retirees.

You may not want to have idle hands at home, but that doesn’t mean that you want to be swamped and to not have any time at all to yourself.

mike stokesYou want to choose a path that doesn’t require you to be chained to deadlines.

Some online work at home careers are more demanding than others. If you prefer to pour yourself into a job that requires long hours, do it!

You may want to find a work at home career that has an easy learning curve.

Some people really enjoy the process of discovering new things, testing them out – and even coming back from a few failures to experience a triumph!

Others like a nice, easy path where there are as few obstacles and as little confusion as possible.

Both are okay – just choose a business model that gives you exactly what you prefer.

Enjoyability is an important element in what you choose to do.

Working again – even if it’s because you have to for financial reasons – shouldn’t mean you have to dread your workday each day.

This will be something you have to give deep thought to at first – and sometimes you learn after you begin something that it’s just not for you.

Beryl StokesSo early on, you might need to give thought about how much you would enjoy a certain niche, for example.

You might have learned that you should always look for profitability first.

But the enjoyment factor can actually help you earn more because you wake up enthusiastic about your business each day.

Still, it’s good to consider finances, too.

Unlimited income potential is a perk that you want to shoot for.

Even though you may only need or want $800 a month or $1,500 a month – you want the option of earning more if something ever comes up and you need or want to buy something.

How a Retiree Learns Internet Marketing

Not all retirees feel comfortable and confident learning about Internet Marketing – even though they can go at their own pace, pick and choose which business models and niches they like, and work without the pressure of a boss.

There are five ways that you can increase your comfort level with learning how to work from home.

And by the way – age is never a factor in whether or not you can master an Internet marketing career.

There are many senior citizens – some even in their 90s – who are pursuing this path of financial freedom and realizing their dreams of being a business owner.

#1 – Go slow.

There’s no need to rush anything unless you’re in a dire money situation.

If this is something you can afford to do, take your time and don’t make this a race.

It’s better to learn slowly and implement as you go rather than go so fast you mess up a lot and end up quitting in frustration.

You’ll find many marketing gurus who harp on the speed with which they make money, build websites, and do all of the other tasks. This isn’t a competition.
You’re working for yourself, not against anyone, so do it right.

#2 – Find trustworthy people to follow.

If there’s one important rule you can learn – it’s to learn how to trust your gut instinct. You’re going to feel a sense of whether or not someone is a person who you should be trusting.

Sometimes, they’ll pull the wool over your eyes, too. But there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself.

You can look up their reputation online and ask around to see what others think of a marketing instructor’s ethics and morals.

#3 – Get help in forums and/or Facebook

Forums can seem intimidating to many newcomers to the marketing world.

You might wonder if they’ll accept you or if they’ll ridicule your question. But most people in forums are genuinely there to offer assistance and guidance.

Yes, you may encounter a forum troll who has fun aggravating other people – or a seasoned veteran of the forum who doesn’t like new people (until he gets to know them).

But ignore all of those individuals, ask for the help you need, and listen to the good people who come to your aid while ignoring the naysayers who might have nothing better to do than to bully others.

#4 – Search for answers.

Sometimes, one of the things that rubs forum members the wrong way is that newbies don’t take time to try to find answers for themselves online.

Part of that is because they didn’t know they needed to – and part of it is due to their inexperience with search engines.

You can go to or and type in phrases that help you learn more about Internet marketing.

So instead of posting this in a forum, try using search engines for questions like:

•    What is an autoresponder?
•    How do I build a list?
•    What’s the best membership site software?

Once you get a better understanding of what you’re asking, then you can dig a little more.

If you get stuck, that’s the time to go into a forum with a more specific question – such as, “I know what an autoresponder is, but I’m not sure if it’s better to use a broadcast or follow up email. What’s your opinion on this?”

That tells others that you’ve done the basic research on it.

You might have to change the way you search and get used to having a marketing mindset.

For example, if you type in, “build a list” – the search engine might tell you how to create a grocery list or a honey do list, so you would need to say “build an email marketing list” instead.

#5 – Take courses.

Not every course out there is a scam. In fact, many are great guides that walk you through a work at home concept in a step-by-step manner. But yes, some aren’t worth your money.

That means you have to do a little research on a product before you buy it.

Look for reputable sellers and don’t buy the first day it’s out – give it a little bit of time to let others implement and review it before you buy so that you can see results.

Whenever you do invest in a course, make sure it won’t put a financial hardship on you. Anyone who starts asking how much room is on your credit card doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Implement everything you buy as soon as you buy it.

Don’t stick it somewhere on your hard drive and start hoarding more products for “someday” use.

This is called shiny new object syndrome and it drains your bank account and creates massive guilt and frustration.

Residual Retirement Earnings

There are two kinds of earnings you can enjoy online. The best kind for long-term income is called residual money. This is money where you do work one time and get paid for it over and over again.

Creating your own eBooks is one method of building up a residual income.

You will basically choose a niche and do some research into what kind of information that target audience needs.

Once you find it, you write a helpful book outlining solutions that can help the reader solve his or her problem.

You’ll compile the eBook, list it for sale, and it can earn for you over time.

Affiliate marketing is another option for you.

This is where you don’t even have to create anything at all – you simply promote things that are already out there and earn a commission as your reward.

You can promote tangible items (like those found on – or you can promote digital products, like information eBooks you might find on a site like

Kindle publishing is similar to eBook creation, except you publish it on Amazon instead of your own mini-site.

There, it has the weight of a major company behind it giving it access to customers within their marketplace.

PLR (private label rights) is one option that’s perfect for those who can write well.

By “well,” we mean in a conversational manner at an 8th grade level. This is content you write once and sell cheap to multiple buyers over the years.

Membership sites will sometimes be a good option, if you create a thorough membership and set it up without promising a lot of fresh content on a regular basis.

One-Time Cash Choices for the Retired but Working

One time cash options are another path you can take.

This is when you work as a service provider. You do the work once and get paid once, so you’re always looking for new work.

It helps to build up a client base. You can work as a graphics creator designing websites, banner ads, and more. You can make quick cash as a freelance ghostwriter. You can even open up coaching to your target audience to guide them through a problem and solution.

Working at home as a retiree is going to be much different from what you’re used to in the 9-5 world. You have freedom, and that can be both a blessing and a curse because now YOU’RE the boss…

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

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