Do You Have a Real Business?

Do you REALLY have a REAL business?

Or, are you just playing around?

Do you really believe that your business is for real?

I’ve found that many people with a “side gig” do not treat their business like a REAL business.

And it shows…

In their attitudes, and in their RESULTS.

You know you have a REAL BUSINESS when:

You’ve set up a bookkeeping system because you KNOW that you’ll be needing to file a tax return next April.

Do YOU have a bookkeeping system in place for your business?

That tells a LOT about you.

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FREE Home Business Bookkeeping System

You REALLY KNOW that you have a REAL business when:

You have an attorney set up a business entity like an “LLC” to be the legal owner of your business(es).

This shows you really have something worth protecting and passing on to your wife and children later on (like when you die).

Are you REALLY “in” business?

Mike Stokes

Mike Stokes

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