Go Fun Places Review – Can You Really Create the Dream and Live The Lifestyle?

Go Fun Places Review

go fun placesGo Fun Places is a self-proclaimed lifestyle company. Their goal is to provide ways to help people create the dream and live the lifestyle they are after, by finding ways to help them save money on leisure, travel and lifestyle products in general. It’s a perfect concept for the market they are pursuing, and perhaps what makes it work to an even greater extent is the fact that people love to get deals.

They use affiliates to market the concept. They make a point of endorsing the idea to them that, as affiliates, they should be able to use the income they generate by promoting Go Fun Places to create their own dreams and live whatever lifestyle they choose.

By joining the GoFunPlaces network marketing team, you can be part of this new venture. And now seems to be the perfect time to jump on-board as the company is still in the pre-launch stage, meaning that you have the unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

The company makes the bold claim that they are on pace to become the number one online home based business opportunity, as well as the number one destination online for those who are looking to save money on leisure, travel and lifestyle. If these claims are even close to being true, this could be a very lucrative and fulfilling opportunity for an affiliate.

But before we buy in to all the talk about being able to live a dream lifestyle, let’s take a closer look at what the company is all about.

There is no doubt that a great lifestyle and a high quality of life are important to people everywhere, and many have lots of disposable income that they’re just itching to spend. And that is exactly what Go Fun Places is counting on, as they provide lots of ways for people to spend that disposable income.

Go Fun Places for the Affiliate

As a Go Fun Places affiliate you’ll have your own lifestyle, leisure and travel auction, and online shopping mall. Anytime a person visits your site and makes a purchase, you get paid. But since these are fun purchases that improve lifestyle and quality of life, you will be dealing with customers who are more than happy to make these purchases.

In fact, you could even think of yourself as someone who is making a difference because what you are basically doing is helping people live out their dreams. And that’s exactly what makes Go Fun Places different from so many other network marketing business opps.

You aren’t selling people things that they don’t want. You aren’t trying to persuade people to make purchases that won’t change anything in their lives. You aren’t trying to talk people into joining an organization that sells products they may never personally use.

Instead, you’re sharing a genuine opportunity to save money on the things that make life fun. Right away this becomes an entirely different kind of concept for the affiliate marketer to promote, one which could be both lucrative and enjoyable.

One further note is that you have different options as an affiliate. You can choose to be a paid affiliate which entitles you to more benefits, but you can also choose to be a free affiliate and just earn commissions.

Go Fun Places Prelaunch

There has been an incredible amount of buzz surrounding the prelaunch of the Go Fun Places program. Interest has been even higher due to the recent closure of another very popular rewards type program. Those affiliates have been left high and dry and this appears to be a natural for them to jump into, as it goes after a similar market.

Right now, an incredible 2.9 million people have registered to join the GoFunPlaces program. That’s a lot of interest for a program that is not even officially launched yet and if that level of interest continues, GoFunPlaces may well reach their goal of being the number one destination for those looking to get great deals on travel and lifestyle purchases.

Obviously, not all of those will follow through and even fewer will upgrade to paid memberships, but if even a small percentage of those 2.9 million do, there is going to be even more buzz and lots of press generated when the program does go live. This is all good news from a network marketer’s point of view.

There have been a couple of delays in launching but it seems to be due to making sure everything is in place first, which seems to me to be the right way to do things. For instance, the company is in the process of purchasing a large travel agency which already has a working staff of close to 30 travel agents, to make planning and booking purchased vacations even easier.

Go Fun Places Business

Is this a legitimate business opportunity or just another one of the same old, same old network marketing programs that have been around forever where the only people to make money are those with huge downlines?

Well that doesn’t seem to be the case with Go Fun Places. Of course, the more members you sponsor, the more money you can make, but you can make a good income just by selling the travel and lifestyle products, and vacation packages.

If you are in doubt, this may be a good place to start, but bear in mind that you are not going to be eligible for the extra income that comes to paid affiliates. There are three different paid levels, silver, gold and diamond and the earning potential for each is greater depending on the level you choose.

The concern that has come with the closing of several penny auction programs has been fully addressed in the Go Fun Places business model. The new model is completely compliant with the laws governing auction sites, so there won’t be a repeat of the problems that plagued those other programs.

Go Fun Places is a real business backed by a very successful corporation, which uses the network marketing model to sell their products.

Go Fun Places MLM Model

As an MLM program, Go Fun Places has certainly thought out how to set things up to keep their affiliates happy, while adding lots of incentives to get them to work the program hard.

For the committed network marketer there are a number of ways to earn a lucrative income, while at the same time taking advantage of everything that is available through the program, themselves.

Of course, the name of the game is income and the most sought after kind is the kind that recurs. Go Fun Places offers this through the monthly subscription sales which pay out based on your team’s sales volume. The better your team does, the more you can earn.

Along with bonuses which are tied to performance and income that can be generated as soon as you get started, affiliates can also earn commission on their product sales. It would be hard to find an MLM program which has more earning potential.

One thing I especially like is the fact that affiliates must make sales to people who are not affiliates in order to share in the daily bonus pool. This has been the downfall of more than one MLM program and it’s encouraging to see that the Go Fun Places program has been set up to ensure that this doesn’t happen here.

Besides that, I think it provides an incentive for affiliates to continue to put a lot of effort into working the program, instead of just sitting back.

So, is Go Fun Places the MLM program that can actually help you reach your financial goals and live the life you choose?

At the very least, by becoming a paying member of the program, you will be set up to get some super discounts on both travel and a variety of nice lifestyle products. But even better, after an in-depth look, this program appears to have the potential to be a good earner for the dedicated network marketer.

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