GVO Pure Leverage Review

GVO Pure Leverage

Although Pure Leverage is the new kid on the internet marketing block, its parent company, GVO has been around for several years.

In this review of GVO Pure Leverage, we’ll look at the things that make this program a good fit for anyone wanting to establish a real presence in the field of network marketing or related home based businesses.

With so many network marketing programs and internet marketing products constantly being released with the outrageous claims and hype to match, it can be very difficult to decide which are worth getting involved in.

A few things that you might want to look at are the person responsible for the start-up, the longevity of the program, the overall opportunity, the commission structure and how the program sustains itself.

How Does GVO Pure Leverage Stack Up?

The founder of the GVO Pure Leverage product is Joel Therien. He is an expert in MLM products and better still has a good reputation within the industry. He started up the original GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities), a stable company which has been around for a number of years and continues to grow. In the world of multi level marketing this is a lifetime.

Another positive thing about Pure Leverage is the fact that the program is just launching. With a solid marketing system in place, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to quickly build a large downline. (And by the way, Pure Leverage provides you with the marketing system needed to make that happen.)

If you’re kicking yourself for waiting too long to get involved with the Empower Network, you’ll be happy to know that Pure Leverage provides equal value. The difference is that Pure Leverage is brand new so there is lots of opportunity for the canny marketer to take advantage and get in on the ground floor.

But perhaps you’re concerned that the market has become saturated with too many similar programs. If so, consider the fact that network marketers are always on the lookout for the next great opportunity. That opportunity could well be Pure Leverage.

One thing that sets GVO Pure Leverage apart from other multi-level marketing programs is the fact that it pays out 100% commission on sales of all products in the first month. After that, a recurring commission to the tune of 50% is paid out monthly. (The other 50% goes to your upline.) Many MLM programs have a less generous commission structure.

The fact that commissions of 100% are paid out to members, for upgrades, makes you wonder how the company sustains itself.  Depending on profits generated strictly by enrolling new members is not a reliable business model.

Pure Leverage makes its money by selling reseller licenses to its members. And incidentally, this is what makes Pure Leverage a real and a viable home based business model.

What Do You Get With GVO Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage is essentially an internet marketing system that provides the tools that are necessary in order to help you build a successful home based business.

With Pure Leverage, you learn how to effectively leverage the power of the internet to build up your business. The importance of working with team members who share the same goals and are willing to help each other succeed is an important part of what Pure Leverage is all about.

By using the internet marketing system which is at the heart of the Pure Leverage program, you can learn to drive traffic and build a downline for yourself within the program.

Pure Leverage comes with a number of tools which are designed to help you generate the right kind of leads, and more importantly, convert those leads.

Like many other successful MLM programs, GVO Pure Leverage is based on the principles of attraction marketing. They have developed a number of new and very effective ways of helping you connect with your prospects and stay in touch with members of your team.

For starters, you will be enrolled in the Elite Coaching Program, which provides top-flight training in everything you need to know to be successful in network marketing, especially the all-important recruiting of prospects. Training is provided by Joel and other highly successful marketers.

Tools include a lead capture autoresponder series written by ad copy specialists, which has a proven success rate.  In addition you also have access to a video autoresponder service. With video becoming more popular all the time, this is a great way to connect with leads and subscribers.

Along the same lines is the live meeting room available for you to meet in real time and share information with those who attend. Webinars are really big today in internet marketing and with live meeting room you can easily conduct your own webinars.

None of this matters if you aren’t able to drive traffic in the first place. To address this problem, Pure Leverage offers what they refer to as Turbo Traffic Generation. This guide is designed to show you how to drive the highest quality traffic to your site.

Tying everything together is access to your own blog within the system. Like with Empower, membership in an authority network allows your posts to rank more highly in Google, as well as other search engines. And it will happen a lot more quickly than you could ever hope to achieve without the juice passed along from the network.

In and of itself, this is huge because a high ranking in the search engines is the highest quality free traffic you can find.  When people search for information and find your blog posts, this is lead generation at its best.

How To Make Money With Pure Leverage

As mentioned previously, when you recruit a new member, you earn a 100% commission in the first month and a 50% commission from then on. Remember that the other 50% is passed up to your upline as a matching bonus payment, from the second month on.

That means that to pay for your own membership, you really need to enroll 3 members (after the first month).  Beyond that, it’s all pure profit and believe me, there is a lot of profit to be made.

Here’s how the magic happens. As those in your own downline enroll members, you as their upline, are eligible for that 50% bonus after the first month. And that’s for every single person they enroll who remains a paying member.

But that’s not all because that 50% bonus is based on however much each person in your downline earns. That’s including not only their own direct earnings, but their bonus payments as well. And as you might expect that can add up to a whole lot more than 50%.

What Does It Cost To Join GVO Pure Leverage

For a limited time, and only because the program is just launching, you can take a look for only $1.00.  This allows you to get inside the back office and see and use everything for a full seven days. If you like what you see after that, membership is a reasonable $24.95 per month. For that you get all the tools we talked about earlier.

But instead of asking what it costs to join, maybe the better question would be – what could I save by joining. There are at least three tools that can create a direct savings for you right away.

One of those is the cost of an autoresponder account, which can run well over the entire cost of your membership in Pure Leverage. A reliable autoresponder account is absolutely critical for any online business.

Second is the savings on a hosting account for your blog. If you are serious about your business, you will not want to be using free web hosting, which puts you at the mercy of a third party.

Third is the live meeting room, which allows you to hold meetings and live training sessions with your downline or prospects. Again, it’s always better to have control over all aspects of your business and not rely on free sources.

If you currently use any of these resources in your business, (and that doesn’t even include all the other tools that come with your membership) it’s probably costing you money not to be a member of Pure Leverage.

But of course, you probably would like to earn with Pure Leverage too. For the ability to earn those amazing commissions we talked about, you can become a reseller for an additional $19.95 a month.

Pure Leverage –The Choice Is Yours

If you’ve been thinking about the possibility of getting involved in a home based business with great potential, you have arrived at the right place and at the right time. Heck, you can’t even buy a cup of coffee for a dollar anymore. But that’s all you need to invest to check this out for yourself.

Not very often do we ever get the chance to be first in, on something as big as this. Hear that sound? That’s opportunity knocking.

Mike Stokes

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