How To Feel Wealthy Even If You’re Not

How To Feel Wealthy (Even If You’re Not)

It turns out that the perception of wealth is all relative.

Those of us who aren’t wealthy would probably feel rich if we had several million dollars worth of assets to invest. But apparently only 28% of people with that much money at their disposal consider themselves rich. The reason why is intriguing and reveals a way that might allow you to feel wealthier than you really are.

So why don’t wealthy people think of themselves as being wealthy?

Turns out that a big part of feeling wealthy has to do with having a lot more than those around you. For instance, say you suddenly win the lottery or receive a huge inheritance; it would be hard not to feel rich simply because it happened so quickly.

On the other hand, if you earned your fortune, (which incidentally 88% of American millionaires have done), you would have time to get used to having a certain income and living a certain way.

Apparently living in the big house and driving the luxury car is not such a big deal once you get used to it.

And then there’s the fact that if you have a lot of money, chances are the people you live around and spend time with also have a lot of money. Their lifestyle is going to be similar to yours so by comparison you won’t really feel rich. The same basic principals can be applied to practically anyone regardless of their financial circumstances.

So what can you do to feel wealthy even if you’re not?

Well you can start by thinking about what makes you happy. Sure, money is important and not having enough of it can be worrisome to say the least. But it should be way down the list behind family, faith and other things that bring you joy and leave you feeling rich and content with your life.

You see it’s not how much of the green stuff you have. It’s more a question of how you look at money that matters. So, while you may not have much money in your bank account right now, you can certainly control your attitude towards it, whether you’re wealthy or not.

There’s some truth in the old saying that money doesn’t buy happiness. Money may be what you have, but it shouldn’t define who you are.

If you really think about it, it’s not necessary to be wealthy in order to feel wealthy – if you have a life that’s filled with the people and the things that make you happy.


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3 Responses to How To Feel Wealthy Even If You’re Not

  1. Chuck Holmes says:

    I am not rich on paper, but I work from home, make my own schedule, have no boss, and work in my pajamas. I’ve been doing this many years and I feel very blessed, and wealthy. I am very happy with the life I have created for myself. Everything is relative.

  2. I once heard it said that the happiness index rises sharply to the point where one’s bills are paid and you have some money in your pocket. After that, adding all of the “stuff” does very little to cause a spike of increase in happiness for most. So my take is to do something that you love to do, get paid for it and get paid well enough to live the way you would like to live without debt. I recently heard a millionaire say it really doesn’t take that much to live a lifestyle far above the norm.

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