How to Set Up a Funded Proposal to Advertise Your MLM Business

How to Set Up a Funded Proposal

mikestokesOne of the perks of running an online business is that you have less overhead. There’s no rent to pay for office space, no employees or expensive equipment to own (other than your computer and Internet capabilities).

But there are other expenses you might be considering – and if you’re starting out on a shoestring budget, it can be difficult to afford these. One of them is advertising – and most new multi level marketers don’t realize that they don’t have to pay to attract new prospects and clients.

Forget about pay per click, purchasing solo ads and other paid forms of advertising. You have another option that costs you nothing – in fact, your clients and customers actually pay for you to get the funds for advertising that you want to spend money on later!

The concept is called funded proposals and it’s a method where you promote a product as an affiliate (or even your own product) at a very friendly price to your target audience.

When you do this, you now have vetted leads who are willing to pay (even if it’s a small amount) – and you also have cash to pay for the other advertising methods that you want to use in your business – and to help sustain you financially as you work on building a strong downline!

What you’re going to be doing is starting with a free offer, which leads to a low cost funded proposal that pays you money, which you can then funnel back into your business to help it grow.

Develop a Free Offer to Guide Them to the Funded Proposal

For someone who is already in or looking to start an online business, money can be a huge barrier in what they can sign up for. There’s nothing better you can offer someone than something for nothing – especially if it has true value in it!

There are two options you can use for your free offer – opt in or viral freebies. One allows you to force the visitor to sign up for your email list before they have access to the freebie.

This is a small price to pay in exchange for great information that could help them achieve their goals online. You do this with a lead capture page, explaining what your visitor will receive when they hand over their name and email address.

A viral freebie is one where you aren’t requiring anyone to provide you with their contact information – they can just read, watch or listen to the viral freebie with no string attached.

You can use one or both of these tactics as a method to get people exposed to your funded proposal. The media format you use isn’t important – it can be text (short report or eBook), a video series or a podcast).

Most people go with text for this purpose. It’s easier to hyperlink to your funded proposal, although that’s also possible whenever you set up a video or audio system.

What can your freebie be about? Any topic that multi level marketers want or need to know about – where you can provide valuable insight at no charge – is a good idea.

For example, you could write a free, 5-page report called, “5 No-Cost MLM Lead Generation Strategies” or “How to Use Twitter for MLM Lead Generation.” You can be broad or narrow with your topic.

Inside your freebies, you’ll want to hyperlink to your funded proposals with the emphasis that these are low cost options to help solve one of their most pressing problems in the world of multi level marketing.

This is not where you promote your high-end systems. The lead you’ve just generated that opted into your list for this freebie hasn’t been vetted for a major purchase yet – and if you go from free to high dollar, you might lose them forever.

You have to help them get their footing and make some sort of success online before you help them level up to a higher income strategy. So focus on promoting the low cost funded proposal first.

Drive Traffic to Your Lead Capture Page

Once your freebie is created, you have to send people to it. Your whole goal here is to get money for your major advertising expenses, so the last thing you want to do is fork over cash to market this freebie offer.

You have so many options for free promotions! These aren’t lesser methods than paid ads, either. Many of them are extremely powerful. There are six major methods you can use right away – and not one of them costs a single penny.

Method #1 – Video Marketing

Video marketing can be done on YouTube, Vimeo, or a host of other video social websites. You can make a simple video talking about a broader view on the tips that you’ll provide in your  free opt in or viral product and then tell them where to go to get it.

You can also sometimes add a link in the description area of your video but make sure you follow the rules of the site before you link out anywhere. The key to getting people to follow the link is in showing value in your video. Make them want to learn more.

Method #2 – Article Directories

Some people gave up on article directories when search engines gave them a pounding, but they’re still viable – and you can whip up a series of articles that link back to your freebie using a closing such as, “For more information, visit and download my free guide called 7 Steps to More Leads!”

Method #3 – Blogging

Blogging is one of the best free ways you can gain more subscribers who want to download your freebie. If your blog post is fresh and valuable, then the reader will want to know what else you’re willing to share at no cost to them. Make sure you add an opt in form under each blog post as well as somewhere on the home page of your blog in the sidebar.

Method #4 – Facebook Marketing

Just about everyone’s on Facebook – and you should be, too. You can set up a fan page or group where you provide value to other multi level marketers – from beginners to advanced levels. This will give you the opportunity to give your “Friends” or “Fans” on Facebook free access to your report.

Method #5 – Twitter Promotions

Twitter messages (called Tweets) might be short at 140 characters, but you can create very powerful messages using a few words – including FREE. That’s always a favorite with any audience.

Find people to follow who are in the MLM niche and engage with them. Don’t become a Twitter spammer – build real relationships with people who will ReTweet for you and help you get more readers for your freebie.

Method #6 – Google Plus Promos

Google Plus is a mixture of all sorts of social media styles. It allows you to interact with your circles and provide long or short messages – even join live video “Hangouts” where you can educate, inform and provide access to your freebie to those who need it.

Picking the Right Kind of Funded Proposal

In your freebie, have you considered what you’ll be sending your readers to? You probably have some major MLM opportunity that you hope everyone joins. That’s not what the funded proposal is all about, though.

Save that part for later – right now we’re just on getting the prospect from “free and curious” to “wiling to spend a small amount because they’re interested.” So you need some sort of low cost entry product.

You have two options here – promote one that already exists, or create your own.

The item you choose to promote as your funded proposal should be something helps everyone success with whatever MLM option they’re in (because most people will already have a company they’re connected to – they just need help making it work).

It’s fine if the funded proposal has an upgrade element built in – that just means more profits for you! But it should have a low initial cost such as $40 or less. If you want to, you can consider creating your own funded proposal.

At this point, you’ve already created a freebie and been promoting it on social networking sites, etc. So why not go one step further and actually create a low cost product with you as the author?

It’s not hard to do. Find a problem for your audience and solve it. So if the funded proposal you were considering promoting as an affiliate would help show people how to attract a downline, consider writing your own course on that – and selling it for a very low price point.

Do a little research first.

Look in MLM forums and see what questions people are asking. Type “MLM forums” into Google and visit a few forums. Here are some ideas for your own low cost course:

· A Guide to Your First 90 Days in MLM

· How to Advertise on a Shoestring Budget

· Top 10 Tools to Help Your MLM Business Thrive

Use a tool like When you type “MLM Leads” into this free tool, you see some ideas like this:

· How to Generate MLM Leads on Facebook

· How to Find High Quality MLM Leads

Don’t worry about exact page count – just give a thorough explanation and solve a problem. If you do a great job on your funded proposal, and the buyer feels they got more than their money’s worth, then they might move into your MLM opportunity.

But even if they don’t – that’s okay, because their small purchase (which you can set up directly via PayPal or on ClickBank, for example), has just helped you fund your other business expenses – like tailored, paid advertising.

Over time, if your funded proposal is going nicely and you’re getting great results, then you might even want to build a bigger backend for that portion of your business.

You can create upsells and one time offers – even build a series of products that your low cost customers can turn to if they want to continue learning from you. As they build a level of trust and respect for you, more of them will likely convert over to your MLM offer.

Use a Funded Proposal to Pay for All Advertising and Marketing

Successful multi level marketers know that one of the biggest expenses they’ll have is in advertising to recruit the high performers for their downline. Free promo methods work, but it’s like casting a large net rather than having a laser focus on the big fish.

Most MLM participants understand that in this business, there is a lot of tire kicking going on. Many people will never take the leap and join your primary MLM offer.

With a funded proposal, they feel there’s less of a risk – and it means you make a profit from a higher percentage of your visitors. It may not be your biggest offer – and they may not ever upgrade to the next level – but with a funded proposal, it won’t be a wasted prospect.

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