Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Marketing Pro – Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Marketing Pro

Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Marketing ProIf you’re already a member of the Magnetic Sponsoring program, then you know what a terrific money making and lead generation program it is. But it’s not too late for those who are not yet members because this program is about to get even better with the opening up of an upgraded membership called Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Marketing Pro.

With the new Elite Marketing Pro level, you can jump ahead of current members of Magnetic Sponsoring who haven’t yet made up their minds about the new program, as well as those who are quite content to just stick with what they know.

If you’re familiar with network marketing, then you already know the importance of lead generation and lead conversion in order to build a productive downline, because that’s where the real money is.magnetic sponsoring super affimiate

The original Magnetic Sponsoring system has been helping marketers achieve these goals for a lot of years. Now they’re taking the concept to a whole new level for those who have the drive and desire to be top achievers.

Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Pro won’t be for everyone and that’s fine because they are only going to open up a limited number of spots in his new program. Let’s take a look at the highlights to help you decide if it might be right for you.

Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Marketing Pro Highlights

In a nutshell, the Magnetic Sponsoring Elite program provides several ways of increasing your income. They have increased the percentage paid out to members in affiliate income and are releasing new top-flight programs for only Elite Marketing Pro members to market. With these resale rights products, you can build your brand while earning 100% commission on each sale.

But that’s only part of what you get. As an Elite Publishing Partner of Magnetic Sponsoring you have the opportunity to get ‘done for you’ traffic leads as well as sales. They even have a system in place to convert leads and close sales for you.  With their assistance you are almost guaranteed success and a lucrative income with your primary business.

Details on Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Marketing Pro

Let’s start with the name itself. This program is aptly named because it has been designed for serious marketers who are determined to make their own mark by building their brand. When you opt to join this program, you are truly joining an elite group of entrepreneurs. But there’s more that makes this program head and shoulders above any other comparable program out there.

Elite Marketing ProFor starters, you’re spring boarding off of the original Magnetic Sponsoring program to get instant credibility. And that’s big in the world of the Internet where people are in the habit of Googling names to get background information.

Although it’s may seem expensive to join, this is one of those times when the meaning of the expression ‘you get what you pay for’ becomes clear. With the Elite Magnetic Sponsoring program, you get true value for your investment. The Magnetic Sponsoring team make it practically impossible for you to fail to succeed, with their ‘done for you’ traffic leads and sales.

Now you might wonder what’s different about that. After all, every program basically instructs you to hook up with a quality, high-powered team that will teach you how to drive traffic. If you’re lucky you might find a team that sends traffic to your site and may even toss a few sales your way until you get your feet wet.

But as much help as they seem to offer, you are still basically on your own when it comes right down to it. Enter Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Pro. It leads the way by providing unparalleled assistance with that all-important step of closing the deal.

How Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Marketing Pro Helps Close The Deal

Less experienced marketers may stumble when it comes time to close the sale and convert the lead. To do that at a high level requires a degree of expertise that’s difficult to get to. Even marketers who have no trouble driving traffic and generating leads are always looking for ways to improve on closing sales and converting leads.

Well you won’t have to worry about that aspect of marketing as an Elite member because with the optional marketing co-op, they will help close your leads for you. There is no marketer alive who wouldn’t benefit from that kind of assistance.

They do it through a sales funnel directing prospects to your website and including a series of email messages, followed by direct mailing promos and even phone calls made on your behalf to your leads. This is especially great if you are one of those people who don’t do well with that kind of approach.

Let’s face it. We are all much better at handling certain parts of the marketing scheme. If the closing the deal part is your weak link, this program might just be what you need to help you become a top earner.

And by the way, every email message and every product has your name in it. So when prospects opt into your email list, they are signing up through your personal autoresponder account, which means that you have access to those leads so you can market other programs or products to them. When a person purchases a Magnetic Sponsoring product, your links are contained in that product, as well.

Commissions As An Elite Marketing Pro Member

The commission structure with the Elite program is second to none.

First of all, the original Magnetic Sponsoring program is still a valuable tool for network and Internet marketers and it continues to sell very well. As a regular member you earn a 40% commission from monthly members who have enrolled with your link. This bumps up to 100% for Elite Marketing Pro members, which makes for more income every month.

But where it gets really exciting is with the 100% commissions. Let’s take a look at how this works. Now in and of itself, this isn’t a new concept. Other products out there pay out 100% commissions.

But if you look more closely here, you’ll discover that you aren’t just earning a commission as a simple affiliate. These products are all resale rights products meaning that you have the rights to re-sell them.

In addition it also means that as an Elite Pro member, they are branded with your name and ID, so when a customer clicks on a link in a product and then makes another purchase, you earn that commission as well.

And we’re not talking about only low priced information products. Those are great to use at the top of your funnel. But the real goal is to draw those customers down further into your funnel and interest them in the higher priced products.

As a member of this Elite Marketing Pro level program, you are entitled to sell never before released, high ticket, back-end products. These products, which include highly acclaimed workshops, mastermind courses, and coaching packages aren’t available for regular members to sell.

They are strictly for Elite Publishing Partners and make no mistake; this is the kind of opportunity that can make you a lot of money. In fact, it’s entirely possible for you to earn as much as $15,000 for every customer you draw into your funnel.

Building a List with Elite Marketing Pro

As mentioned, another advantage of the Elite Pro program is that you are building your own email list. When your prospect fills in their name and email address this goes directly to your personal Constant Contact or Aweber account.

As a regular affiliate of Magnetic Sponsoring you get a commission on sales, but your prospects are put on a MS email list. When you have your own email marketing list, you are building your own business directly and as you’ve no doubt heard, a list can add a lot to your bottom line over the long run.

Are There Drawbacks To The Program?

If you’re looking for drawbacks to becoming an Elite Marketing member, the list is very short. There are really only a couple to consider.

One might be that there is a lot to take in with this program. Do you have the time and interest to commit to taking full advantage of everything that’s going to be available to you? If not, then maybe this program is not going to be a good fit for you.

A second may be the cost of joining as an Elite Pro member. This could be seen as a drawback because there’s no getting around the fact that there is an investment. But there’s another way of looking at the cost.

Although the program is not cheap, it has great potential to more than pay for itself relatively quickly because of the high commission paid out, additional top quality products available to resell, and the extra branding that comes with membership.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m a firm believer in the old adage that you get what you pay for, but I’m only willing to risk what for me would be a big investment when I’ve heard good things about the person responsible for the products. Mike Dillard is one of those people so I’ll definitely be taking a good look at this program. There are a couple of things that especially interest me about this. One is the opportunity to have the rights to new and high quality products to use in my promotions. The other is the idea of getting help to sell the business opp to prospects. I’d definitely like to be able to up my conversion rate and it sounds like this would really help.

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