Magnetic Sponsoring Review – What’s It Really All About?

Magnetic Sponsoring Review

what is magnetic sponsoringLet’s start our Magnetic Sponsoring review with Mike Dillard, the founder of the program. Mike is a rock star in the field of network marketing. Not only did he achieve huge personal financial success in a remarkably short period of time, but with his creation of the Magnetic Sponsoring program he was also able to figure out a way to transfer his knowledge and skills to others.

He created his Magnetic Sponsoring program to add the missing piece to the puzzle that is network marketing – how to turn the direct marketing program you’ve chosen into a real business which can earn you a significant amount of money. And as a network marketer, isn’t that what it’s all about?

What’s great about Magnetic Sponsoring is that Mike is not suggesting that you give up on your primary program. That’s because Magnetic Sponsoring can be used along with that program you’ve probably already invested a great deal of time and money into – rather than instead of it.

With the Magnetic Sponsoring program, Dillard has put a new spin on how to market successfully and that has made all the difference for many who previously found that such a challenge.

And in case you’re wondering, besides improving your conversions, you can also add another income stream to your bottom line as an affiliate for the Magnetic Sponsoring program.

What’s Different About Magnetic Sponsoring?

With the average MLM program, you try to sell a product or service of some kind and you hope to persuade others to join you in selling it. But the real money comes when you are able to build a sizeable downline because that’s how you expand your earning power.

magnetic sponsoringSo it stands to reason that if you are among that group of network marketers who are not able to build that kind of downline, you’re not going to be making very much of an income with your business. And that’s where Magnetic Sponsoring comes in.

For starters, Magnetic Sponsoring is so much more than just another MLM program. Although it has some of the best parts of the typical MLM program in it, like the fact that there are quality products to sell for which you can earn a lucrative income, essentially Magnetic Sponsoring is a training course.

It was designed to fill in the blanks and solve the problems facing (and let’s be honest here), the vast majority of network marketers.  It’s very difficult to build an MLM business to the point where you’re replacing your day job, unless you have an effective plan to follow.

Magnetic Sponsoring provides even more than a plan. It delivers a blueprint which, when followed can help you convert the prospects you’ve worked so hard to get, into the program you’re promoting.

How Magnetic Sponsoring Works

As an affiliate for Magnetic Sponsoring, your biggest potential prospects will be those who are trying to build a business in network marketing and need to learn the right way to market their business.

how to mlmThat’s where many new marketers hit the wall. There is nothing more discouraging to a person just getting started in an MLM venture than how slowly things go. When they are recruited into a program, they start off enthusiastic and full of confidence, certain that this is going to be it. For most new marketers, it doesn’t take long before their enthusiasm begins to disappear and their confidence begins to slip.

They quickly discover that it’s a lot harder than their sponsor made it sound, to find people who are interested in their products or in the business opportunity they are trying to promote. They soon come to realize that finding real leads isn’t easy and converting the few real prospects they do manage to find is even more difficult.

This brings us back to the blueprint mentioned previously. What will convince your prospects that Magnetic Sponsoring is the real deal is your success. Because you’ll be implementing the steps laid out in the blueprint, you will be able to not only tell your prospects how it all works – you can be proof that it truly works.

Success is contagious. Although you’re not directly promoting any other specific MLM program when you recommend Magnetic Sponsoring, don’t be surprised when many of these marketers decide to become part of your downline anyway because they will want to be part of a winning organization.

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The Magnetic Sponsoring Affiliate Program

This program is an easy sell compared to many network marketing programs.

First of all, it’s priced reasonably so there will be little hesitation on the part of your prospects. They already know that spending money on promotion, advertising and information products is part of the cost of doing business.

Second, they get the entire program for a one-time purchase, so there are no on-going monthly fees to pay. Most marketers spend money frequently for programs that they see as being helpful. The fact that there are no recurring fees will help convince them to buy.

magnetic sponsoring super affimiateThird is the fact that they can generate some income for themselves too. Once they see how well the program works for them in generating solid leads for their primary business, it’s a natural progression for them to become affiliates and then promote the opportunity to their own downlines as well.

But there’s more. Aside from the commission that you’ll earn as an affiliate for the program itself, there are also a number of high quality information products that have been created by Mike Dillard. As a member of Magnetic Sponsoring, these are available for you to resell and when you do, you earn a commission on each item.

So if you’re struggling with generating the quality leads that you need to succeed in your MLM business, then Magnetic Sponsoring could be the difference maker for you. As you’ll quickly find out if you apply what you learn, Magnetic Sponsoring is a program you can be confident in promoting because it delivers on what it promises.

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Mike Stokes


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