Market America Review – A Unique E-Commerce Business Opportunity

Market America E-Commerce Business Opportunity

Market America is an online shopping company which has consistently taken the business of merchandising on the web seriously. The company, which was originally founded in 1992 with its head office located in North Carolina, has always been progressive. But in December of 2011, they purchased the website taking the company to a whole new level.

In this review of Market America, we’ll take a look at why this could turn out to be a very exciting and lucrative business for both the experienced and the new marketer to become involved in.

The Market America concept takes advantage of two important facts: that people love to shop and that more and more, people are doing that shopping online. As an entrepreneur that means that Market America may be just the opportunity you are looking for, to get a foothold in a business venture that has great potential for unparalleled growth in the future.

By jumping onboard now, you can position yourself to be at the forefront of this innovative way of getting people to shop. What makes it so easy to be successful with Market America is the fact that the company has been built in the mold of a franchise, but without the negative aspects attached to franchising. Let’s take a look.

The Market America Franchise Alternative

There are a few things that make franchises so appealing. First of all, everything is standardized, so there is no hit or miss when it comes to marketing and product selection. The entire system has been tested and tweaked so that as a business owner, all you have to do is follow directions and implement everything according to certain set guidelines.

That’s the kind of business model that Market America has in place.

Then there’s the fact that as a franchise expands, consumer recognition also expands which leads to the all-important trust factor. For instance, consumers know what to expect when they place an order at an online e-commerce site like an Amazon, so they feel comfortable placing that order.

Having a recognized brand as any well-known franchise does, works like that. Market America along with is quickly becoming one of those recognized brands.

The fact is that any website which manages to secure a one word domain name has the online world at its feet. And when that name spells out exactly what the website is about, as does, it’s a recipe for success.

(With a web address like there is no doubt about the focus of the site. It will come as no surprise then, that is a huge online retailer which carries literally many thousands of different products and services. As a member of the Market America business family, you receive your own website, and can earn retail profits and commissions on your sales.)

And of course, there’s the income potential. If you’re fortunate enough to be a franchisee with certain companies, it’s almost like being given a license to print money. But not many people have the ability to purchase franchises in those companies. It’s an unfortunate but true fact that in a franchise business it takes money (and lots of it) to buy into the opportunity.

But with Market America, that’s not a problem, since there are no franchise fees to get started and no huge on-going monthly royalty fees either. That may be why Market America is known as the “un-franchise” business. There is unlimited potential to become a distributor and make money, as the company operates worldwide.

One reason why Market America has succeeded where others have failed is because they have been committed to staying on the cutting edge of new ways to get the word out. For instance, Market America recognizes that social networking has become huge. So instead of letting their members sort this out on their own, they have actively worked to make this a seamless part of the training they provide.

They also use the latest technology to make shopping easy for their customers including the use of mobile apps so your customers can shop using their Smart phone.  You can even create a virtual storefront on your personal Facebook page allowing your friends to make purchases without ever leaving Facebook.

Another reason for their success is that unlike most online retailers, they have their own exclusive beauty and wellness product lines. This sets them apart from other online merchants.

In addition, their list of partner sites is impressive and includes some of the most well-known companies around. You have to think that if companies like Best Buy and The Home Depot are willing to partner with Market America that they must be a reputable operation.

As you can see, the possibilities of earning a lucrative income are there for the taking. But this is not one of those set and forget businesses and if you are a true entrepreneur at heart, part of the challenge will be to continually expand your customer base and add to your downline. The on-going training which you get as a distributor, along with the continual release of new products makes this easier for you.

Making Money with Market America

There are two main ways to earn with Market America.  First off, you get paid a commission on any direct sales from your referrals. And make no mistake; if you have an effective way to market the product line and have a loyal customer base, you can make some decent cash this way.

But that’s not where the real money is. That comes when as a distributor; you build your own downline. This is MLM at its best, or as Market America refers to it, the Un-franchise model. Here you earn a percentage of the sales of those who are in your downline. The more members in your downline, the easier it is to meet the minimum volume requirements and start earning royalties.

Your downline is in what is called a binary plan. That means that you are working to build two legs in your organization. It’s a good model because you can focus your attention on helping only those two organizations. Some downline models used by other MLM companies force you to build multiple legs, which makes helping your downline a lot more challenging.

Cost To Join Market America

You can join the Market America team for free as a Sales Representative. With this option, you are only eligible to be paid a commission on sales. This limits your ability to earn a recurring monthly income though because you aren’t able to build your own team.

Most people who are seriously interested in building a business, rather than just earning a little extra cash will opt to join as a Distributor. As an Unfranchise owner, it will cost you an initial fee. This fee varies depending upon the level you choose. There is also a monthly fee of $20 as well as an annual fee of around $99.

But when you think about it, this is a very inexpensive way to get started in running a real business, selling real products. And Market America takes care of the shipping, so all you need to concern yourself with is making connections and building relationships with potential customers, and with those who may be interested in getting involved in the business end of things.

The Market America Advantage

Market America is the kind of company that you, as a budding entrepreneur can really sink your teeth into. The company provides you with a great way to get started operating your own e-commerce business with a minimal outlay of cash.

But to really turn this business into one that will provide you with a growing residual income, and take this opportunity to the next level, you need to focus on building a solid team and then helping your team members succeed.

This is where the experienced marketer may have a leg up on someone just getting started in marketing, as they probably have more experience generating leads and driving traffic.

Being successful in this business requires hard work and a good marketing plan so don’t make it any more difficult than necessary. Enrolling in a team that will provide support when you need it, as well as on-going training, is a good way to ensure that you achieve success with your efforts, especially if you are new to the game.

But there’s no doubt that the compensation offered by Market America will make those efforts worthwhile.

Mike Stokes

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    I would like to learn more about Market America. Who can I make contact with too find out more about the opportunity and the products?

  2. Chrisole says:

    Hi Mike, I appreciate your content very much. Everybody reading this should take what Mike writes seriously. He’s not foolin around.

    On the MA front, please feel free to call, text or email me. We need qualified people like yesterday:-)

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