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My message for you is simple…

If you know how to market, you can sell anything.

If you don’t know how to market, you can’t sell anything.

It doesn’t matter how good your product (or opportunity) is…

If you don’t know HOW to market, you will not have success trying to sell it.

Let me give you a couple of TRUE STORY examples…


I was in Amway for 10 years, trying to “sell” the business opportunity.

Amway is a great company, with a great business plan, great products, great motivational system, great fellowship, and so on…

But I did NOT know how to market, and there was no system that I was aware of to teach me how to market.

As a result, after trying for over 10 years, I made NO MONEY.


I joined a small company called Formor International.

A good company with good products, BUT, I met some folks that taught me how to market.

In 6 MONTHS, I was able to leave my JOB and have never had to have a J-O-B again.

BIG difference…

Company 1 – 10 YEARS + NO Marketing = ZERO MONEY

Company 2 – 6 MONTHS + Learned Marketing Skills = FULL-TIME INCOME


Some years back, I forgot how many, Coca-Cola thought they were so hot that they could quit advertising. So they cut way back on their advertising expenditures.

How did that work out?

Well, Pepsi gained so much market share it was devastating.

Coke had to start advertising again and to this day they have NOT gotten back all of the market share that they lost in that short period of time they thought they didn’t need to advertise.

The Moral of the Story?

Do you think YOUR product (or opportunity) is bigger and hotter than Coca-Cola?

I hope not (IF you DO, please don’t quit your job!)

Even Coca-Cola has to advertise and market.

I’m trying to save you some MONEY and some TIME and MISERY.

I would go so far as to suggest that I would learn how to market even BEFORE I joined a business opportunity.

There’s no sense in getting on autoship for a product that you don’t need and can’t sell, UNTIL you KNOW HOW to SELL.

If you’re already in a business opportunity, and you like it, DON’T QUIT. Just recognize that you need to “go to school” for a little while and learn some marketing skills before you’re gonna make any real money.

You should be able to learn how to market at least well enough to cover your expenses in just a month or two.

How about making the BIG BUCKS that everyone tells you is so easy to make?

The TRUTH is it will take some more learning and some more time, but, you CAN DO IT


Knowing what I know now, my suggestion to you is when you’re looking for a business to promote, the products are NOT the main thing, the comp plan is NOT the main thing…

Getting associated with people that will teach you how to market IS the MAIN THING.

Best of Success,


PS – Please leave a comment below with any questions or comments.

Mike Stokes

Mike Stokes



3 Responses to My Message

  1. Jack Bastide says:

    Great Post Mike.

    It’s all about the Marketing

    Having a great Opportunity or products without knowing how to market it is like standing on a deserted island trying to hand out $100 Bills

    Jack Bastide

  2. ellen says:

    sounds like I need you how to market info

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