Nature’s Liquids Compensation Plan – Could This Be the Best Plan in the Industry?

Nature’s Liquids Compensation Plan

natures liquidsThere are many businesses using direct marketing to sell their products and you can make money by distributing these products. But before deciding to become a distributor for a specific company, it’s a good idea to do some research first. What you will quickly discover is that each business is different in certain ways, not all of them good.

Getting involved as a distributor with the right company can be the difference between earning a good income and coming out on the losing end in your promotions. The Nature’s Liquids company is one of the good ones.

But how do you go about finding the right kind of company?

There are a couple of things to look for. One of the most important factors is the quality of the products being sold and the other is the compensation package being offered. Nature’s Liquids gets high marks in both areas.

Let’s look at Nature’s Liquids products first.

Nature’s Liquids has two liquid nutritional supplements that are known to be very high in quality. So right away you know that you can feel comfortable promoting such highly rated supplements. And that’s important since you are putting your name behind the products you promote.

Second is Nature’s Liquids compensation plan.

They offer an extremely attractive compensation package that allows you to earn in a few different ways.

First, there is the basic commission end of the plan. Here, commissions are paid on all products you sell independently. In addition you earn commissions on products purchased by your personally sponsored customers.

There is also the opportunity to earn rebates for products that are auto-shipped to any of your customers. Finally, bonus money is available when your customers purchase certain types and quantities of product.

But there’s much more…

You also have the opportunity of building your own team of distributors. Once that happens, you are earning residual income and bonus money which is based on the performance of your team members. If you become a top performer, you get to share in what’s called the volume leadership pool.

Few companies can come close to this extensive type of payout structure. If it sounds intriguing, here are more details about the Nature’s Liquids compensation plan.

Let’s start with basic retail sales. If you are only interested in selling the product, either in a retail store, or to neighbors and family, then you can purchase the products at wholesale prices and turn around and retail them to make a profit.

The next step is to sponsor your customers into the company. Although these customers then bypass you at the retail level to purchase directly from Nature’s Liquids, you won’t lose out. As a distributor, you can still earn a commission of as much as 25% to 38% each month, depending on what your customer purchases.

And if you choose the auto-ship option for your monthly qualifying orders, then you get paid weekly instead of monthly.

How much of a commission you earn is dependent upon how much product you personally buy and when you make your purchase. For instance, at the lowest level, you earn a commission of $15 when one bottle of product is purchased. With the suggested retail price for a single bottle of product being around $40 and your cost being only $25, you earn $15. If you figure this out, it comes to a 37.5% commission.

What is really significant about the whole retail sales commission structure is the fact that this is recurring income. Whenever one of your customers purchases a product through the Nature’s Liquids website, you are paid a commission.

And this commission is a lot higher than what many other companies pay out to their affiliates.  (If you investigate further, you’ll discover that 10% is considered a good rate of commission, in most other companies.)

So your “job” is to simply introduce people to Nature’s Liquids products, and then get them enrolled as a customer. Then, whenever they purchase products from Nature’s Liquids, even if it’s 10 years from now, you will earn a commission (as long as you’re still a qualified distributor).

Next let’s have a look at how the bonus structure works, as there are a few different types of bonuses that distributors are eligible to earn. These bonuses kick in gradually, as you move higher up the ladder by having a larger customer base and by signing up additional distributors.

First is the Fast Track bonus. This can be earned in a few different ways. For instance, on the first time purchase of a 12 bottle Premier-Pak by one of your personally sponsored customers, you earn a one-time bonus of $100. To qualify, you must purchase a 12 pack yourself during the same month. (Why not resell these to those family and friends not interested in becoming distributors?)

The more qualified distributors you can enroll, the more your income will really start to take off because of the residual income you can earn on each of them. These are called Override bonuses and they are paid up to a full 5 levels.

When you first get started, it may seem impossible to reach this level. But bear in mind that Nature’s Liquids is such a high quality product that people actually use it regularly.

Word of mouth alone will sell a surprising amount of product at the retail level. And at least some of these customers will decide to become independent distributors themselves. Do a bit of extra promotion and before you know it, your income will start to snowball.

And that’s when things start to get really exciting because as your team expands and produces more in the way of sales and income, you can become eligible for yet another bonus. This one is called the Building Block bonus and is based on the Fast Track performance of your entire team.

Just so you know, there are even more bonus opportunities available for the heavy hitters. But that’s probably enough to wrap your head around if you are just looking for the right network marketing opportunity to get started in. One thing that should be clear though is that the Nature’s Liquids compensation plan is among the very best in the industry.

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