Network Marketing VT Program Review – Is It A Cut Above Other Programs?

Network Marketing VT Review

Update: 1/22/2013 – Jason Spurlock of Network Marketing VT announced today that the company is suspending operations due to persistent software challenges.

network marketing vtIn our review of Network Marketing VT we’ll take at look at all aspects of the program, but we’ll focus on what makes it different from other opportunities. When it comes right down to it, there are so many network marketing companies vying for new members, it’s not worth investing your time and money in anything that is not a cut above the rest.

Is Network Marketing VT one of the elite, or just another dime a dozen program? Let’s see.

Network Marketing VT – The Program

NMVT was started up by Jason Spurlock, who has had enough success and experience with network marketing to know what is necessary to build a top-notch organization. He has surrounded himself with a number of other highly regarded professionals who add their expertise to the coaching and training aspect of VT.

Since that is such a big part of what Network Marketing VT is all about, it’s perhaps more important than it is in other MLM programs. From comments written by members of the VT program, Spurlock seems to have gotten it right.

Unlike other MLM companies, Network Marketing VT doesn’t operate in a specific niche. Instead their focus is on helping entrepreneurs succeed by supplying proven training materials and expert coaching, which can be used for internet marketing in general.

They feel that their program supplies you with everything you need to become a successful home business owner. Even if you never get involved with any other programs, you can earn a great deal of money just by promoting only the VT program.

But the fact is that if you apply what you learn here, you can then branch out and become successful in other network marketing niche programs.

The Focus Of NMVT

Network Marketing VT focuses on 6 different things which they say must be in place for you to be among the one in ten marketers who become successful. The 6 things are having the right mindset, product, marketing plan, focus, and people and then putting it all together by taking the right action.

The company states that by doing these 6 things the right way, you will be able to quickly create a very profitable and successful network marketing business.

I think that there has been real thought put into this and it’s this slant which leads me to believe that Network Marketing VT may be the real deal when it comes to a viable direct sales marketing company.

The real question is how well does the company help its member associates do those 6 things the right way. It appears that they are definitely on the right track here as they have a step by step training process in place for members.

Let’s face it. With the real key to success in network marketing being the ability to produce leads and enroll other members, rather than simply sell products, it’s important to have a template to follow in order to be successful.

Network Marketing VT provides that template for success with its suite of training materials, ongoing internet marketing training including live webinars, and hosted website provided to each member.

Network Marketing VT Products

As mentioned, NMVT doesn’t offer retail products or services for sale. Their product is essentially a paid membership which then gives members access to a large number of training and marketing e-books.

These materials have master resale rights attached which means that members have permission to resell them. They can be bundled or sold separately, and the resale rights can also be passed along to purchasers.

This becomes a separate income stream, as reselling is not done within the Network Marketing VT program itself. In fact, with the high interest among the general public in how to run a home business, there is a great deal of interest already in place for this type of materials.

Marketing these materials on a separate blog or website becomes a great way to earn a nice side income.

Cost Of Joining NMVT

There is a monthly fee attached to your membership in the program, actually two monthly fees to be entirely accurate. But only one of these is truly an out-of-pocket expense.

As long as you are a member, you pay a monthly membership fee of $98 but this goes completely and directly to the person who signed you up. Since this is a commission, it’s not really a true cost because once you begin to enroll others under you, then you start to earn the same commissions.

Other than that there is a monthly administration fee of $19.95 paid to the company in exchange for continued access to the site, including your own website and all the sales tools and materials, as well as ongoing training in lead generation along with coaching.

Network Marketing VT Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is very simple and straightforward which is pretty refreshing when you compare it to the complex compensation packages offered by a lot of other MLM programs. With NMVT you won’t have to be concerned about building multiple legs in your organization, or what happens if you have a dud located in the third tier of your downline.

With Network Marketing VT, you earn 100% commission on every person you enroll for as long as they remain active members. That runs to $98 every month for every member, which can amount to a nice chunk of residual income.

The only exception to this rule occurs when you first get started with the program and is designed to get new members involved in promoting the program right away. As a new member you have to pass your second sale up to your own sponsor. After that, every $98 commission on every sale is yours.

But you also get something in return for giving up your second sale because once you enroll that next member, the shoe is on the other foot. Now, each of your new members must pass their second sale up to you as well.

And this is where the real compounding of income occurs because not only do you earn 100% commissions on every person you sign up, you also earn commissions on each of their second sales.

As you can see, the potential is certainly there to start making some serious cash. And you don’t have to wait a month for your money. US residents are paid daily while members from other countries are paid weekly.

And remember, the company doesn’t touch any part of your commission. They earn their income with the monthly $19.95 fee in exchange for the on-going training and marketing materials that they supply.


With Network Marketing VT everyone is operating on a level playing field because of the quality of the training that is being provided from the top and because of the way the compensation plan is set up.

Unlike other MLM programs, you can be a success no matter who is in your upline. If you’ve been involved with other direct sales programs, you know this can be a make or break part of your potential success.

With the Network Marketing VT program, there seems to be real potential to earn a very lucrative income for those who are willing to put the time and effort into promoting the program.

I think it’s safe to conclude that Network Marketing VT is a cut above many other network marketing programs. Not only is there extensive training and a great compensation plan, but you can also use what you learn to dominate other niches or MLM programs.

Mike Stokes

Mike Stokes


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