Ocean Avenue Review – Is This Company Really An Ocean Of Opportunity?

Ocean Avenue Review

ocean avenueHaving good health and a high quality of life are at the top of the list for most people. As a result, there has never been a better time for a company offering premium nutritional and dietary supplements to hold center stage. Ocean Avenue has answered the bell, marketing itself as a way for the average person to become healthier, while earning money and enjoying a better quality of life. In this Ocean Avenue review, we’ll see whether this company is really the ocean of opportunity they talk about.

Ocean Avenue is different in their outlook from many other MLM programs. The company has been set up with an emphasis on producing great products, a belief that family is important and a goal of helping others live a better life. Yeah, I know, it’s been said before by other companies marketing health related products. But with Ocean Avenue, you get the sense that they really mean it.   For one thing, Ocean Avenue seems to be the perfect balance in a direct sales type program in that it can be marketed by those who want to make a lot of money in the program, as well as by those people who love the products but just want to share them with family and friends.

Having the pros involved in marketing can be a good thing all around as it gets the word out about the company and its products more quickly. As word spreads and the brand name starts to get recognition, the trust factor comes into play which can play a big role in helping all affiliates sell more products and enroll more members in their own downline.

Ocean Avenue is getting ready for launch. Here are some details about the company, its products and why it may well be a viable business opportunity.

The Ocean Avenue Team

One sure sign of a company that is serous about their business is the team that is put together to run things. Ocean Avenue has enlisted an experienced team of professionals who have set things up to ensure that their ambassadors (their term for affiliates) will be successful and their customers satisfied. Along with that is a solid financial base.

Led by Ken Dunn and Fred Ninow, the company puts a lot of value on family and there is a real emphasis on developing a sense of community. They want their ambassadors and their family members to feel that they are part of a larger family.

This has been a winning combination in other successful network marketing companies and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work here as well, especially since this belief has been established right from the get-go.

Ocean Avenue wanted to have a strong immediate impact in the very competitive supplement market. They’ve done that with new, high quality products. But you also need to stand out to successfully market those new products in the crowded world of network marketing. It’s crucial to have a strong leadership team to set the tone and Ocean Avenue has that.

They have plans to have a strong international presence within the next few years, as well. To start off, they have located in 4 countries complete with corporate offices and support. They will also be producing their products in these and all countries they locate in. This tells me that they’ve thought through their plans for expansion and aim to be around for a long time to come.

Ocean Avenue Products

The company has spared no expense in coming up with high quality products created to enhance personal health. Ocean Avenue products have been researched and formulated by Franco Cavaleri, a well known nutritional biochemist. Although maybe not a household name, Cavaleri has founded a number of research and development companies and has the background needed for his position as Chief Science Officer in the company.

Ocean Avenue’s products have been created to work on repairing, restoring and resetting every aspect of the body’s health. They say that their products will give every member of your family the life advantage they deserve.

Each product in their product line works on improving a different aspect. Together these nutritional and dietary supplements are designed to lead to optimum health and well-being, by providing the body with everything it needs to function at peak performance.

The Ocean Avenue Opportunity

The company has taken the best of direct sales and molded it to fit their own unique vision. It’s not only about selling products and recruiting others. It’s about starting out with a product that ambassadors can be proud to use themselves and promote. Along with that is a lucrative compensation plan and a real business opportunity.

The Ocean Avenue Compensation Plan

Just the fact that there are 10 ways to earn with the Ocean Avenue compensation plan is quite different from many other network marketing opportunities.

These range from three different ways to earn commissions, to bonuses, and even a vacation club which could be viewed as the ultimate bonus.

Commissions are paid on both retail and wholesale sales and they also offer team commissions meaning the more your team sells the more you can earn.

There is a whole range of bonuses you can share in depending on how many people are in your team and how well your team is doing. And bonuses will increase as you move up the ranks within the company.

Ocean Avenue uses a set-up they refer to as a placement tree to award team commissions. Here it’s not only how much you personally sell. Your success is linked to your team’s success when it comes to team bonuses. Since each placement tree has two sides, it pays to work on motivating and assisting members of your downline. If you reach the monthly goal, you can earn a very generous team commission.

No compensation plan would be worth much without the opportunity to earn residual commission. Ocean Avenue has you well covered there, as you can earn on both new orders and on re-orders from both your own customers and those of your downline.

The company’s overall goal in setting up their compensation plan was to make it balanced enough that both new marketers and veterans of the direct selling industry could earn a generous amount.

The Ocean Avenue Business Opportunity

If you really aren’t into MLM marketing, you can still be part of Ocean Avenue. In that case, you would simply join as a wholesale customer. There is no charge for this. Not only can you earn commission by retailing the products, you are also able to join the Ocean Avenue vacation club. And depending on how many customers you have, you can even get your own products for free.

Of course, the best opportunity comes to those who choose to become ambassadors. And honestly this is where the real money is. For a one-time fee of $49.95, you are able to access the e-commerce business center for a full year. (Annual renewal fee is $29.95.) This is where you refer others to join as part of your team. As an ambassador you are automatically enrolled in the vacation club.

Let’s face it. People primarily get involved in network marketing to earn money. And it seems like the probability of doing that is very good with Ocean Avenue.

But they add some icing to that cake with the vacation club. Virtually everything you do as a member of Ocean Avenue, from purchasing product, to sponsoring new ambassadors, to buying tickets to company conventions will earn you points.

You can redeem these points for getaways, vacations or family outings at many different locations. They’ve set it up so that there is something for everyone. With their mission of giving away more family outings and vacations than any other direct sales company, they may be on to something.

If nothing else it proves their commitment to being a family oriented company which could be a real selling point in convincing affiliates to come on board. . In any event, in addition to being an added incentive, it’s a great way to keep affiliates happy. After all, if your affiliates are happy, then that will certainly come across in their dealings with prospective customers.

Results will vary depending on the time and level of commitment you are prepared to invest in turning this into a real business. But everything seems to be in place to make this one of the best new network marketing programs to have come online recently. From what I can see, there certainly seems to be an ocean of opportunity with the Ocean Avenue program.

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