Retirement Income Secrets Book

You’ll find at least 3 or more doable ideas that
will each add an extra $500.00 or more
to your pocket every month,
or your money back.

Retirement Income SecretsI hope you’re not disappointed that we don’t have a glitzy sales page, full of psychological “sales triggers” to make you drool with excitement while you whip out your credit card to buy the latest and greatest shiny object.

Sorry, but that is just not who we are.

We’re regular family folks just like you, who happen to have been blessed with some experiences in the entrepreneurial arena that have enabled us to live an above-average lifestyle while creating some passive/residual income to help fund our retirement.

I wrote this manual to share my experiences and what I have learned in the hopes that you will also be able to create some additional streams of retirement income for you and your family.

So, no hype, here’s what we got, and if you don’t learn anything or find value in this book, please let me know and we’ll gladly refund your money.

We want to add value to your life, not subtract from your bank balance.


“If you’re in your fifties or sixties, and are just now getting serious about your retirement planning, this book is for you.

What’s this book about?

It’s about how ordinary people like you and me can create assets that will pay us for the rest of our lives.

Sure, it would be great if you had a secure $10,000 a month income lined up or $10 million bucks (of secure investments) in your retirement account…

But let’s face reality; the majority of folks have basically little more than a piddling Social Security check coming their way when they retire.

Way too many people are reaching retirement age and discovering that they cannot afford to retire and maintain their standard of living because of insufficient sources of (retirement) income.”

Retirement Income Secrets

Retirement Income Secrets

My Personal Guarantee

If you can’t find at least 3 or more doable ideas that will each add an extra $500.00 or more to your monthly cash availability, just contact me and I’ll buy this book back from you, no hassles whatsoever.

And just so you know I’m serious, and this is not some empty-promise like you get from so many people these days, my personal cell phone number, and my personal email address, and my office address are all on page 102 of this book.

Not to mention, I’ve been in the offline business arena since 1974 and the online business arena since 1998. You can Google me and find me if you need to.

How’s that for a personal money-back guarantee?

Retirement Income Secrets

Earn a Full-Time Income Without Punching a Clock

By Mike Stokes

102 pages

This is a real printed book, not an eBook.

In stock and ships same or next business day by USPS Priority Mail.


60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Order Now (click the “Buy Now” button below and it will take you to a checkout page.)

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  1. armand says:

    I just finished the book retirement income secrets and I loved it! Its very well written and has a wealth of information. Mike has a very engaging writing style. I’m not of retirement age but I find there is relevant information for anyone looking build assets that produce passive income. I plan to start putting some of what I learned into practice real soon! Great job Mike!

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