Send Out Cards Review – Can You Make Money With A Feel Good Site?

Send Out Cards Review

Send Out Cards is an online gift and greeting card company. The idea behind the company is simple but unique. They specialize in sending out greeting cards and gifts, which can be customized and personalized by the sender before being sent out by the Send Out Cards company.

The company doesn’t hide the fact that there is a place for those who just want to use their services, as well as one for those who would like to become involved in the marketing end of things and generate some income. In this Send Out Cards review, we’ll take a look at both parts and see how the company stacks up in terms of the possibilities of operating a home-based business.

SendOutCards, which has been in operation since 2005, was the brainchild of CEO Kody Bateman. His idea was to provide a way for people to be able to reach out and touch someone’s life by sending a card or gift. The company tag line is “changing lives….one card at a time”. This is an idea that seems to have caught on in a big way, as more and more people are using this online service.

Why SendOutCards Works

There’s something just plain nice about receiving a card or gift in the mail. But what makes Send Out Cards stand out is the way they have the whole process organized.

It starts with the sender choosing from a wide selection of gifts and cards, all available at a very reasonable cost. They can then personalize their selection, by adding their own message, or even a photo or picture to a card and schedule a delivery date. Once ready, the company takes care of the rest.

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s so convenient. All a person needs to do is to sit down at their computer, go to the website and, to borrow a phrase from the yellow pages – let their fingers do the walking. No more spending hours searching for the right card or gift at the mall. With Send Out Cards, it can all be done in minutes.

And it’s not just for personal use. This is great for the busy professional who wants to maintain contact with their client base or promote their business at a more personal level.

It seems clear that from a customer point of view that Send Out Cards works like a charm. But is it possible to take advantage of this burgeoning market and make money promoting the company? Let’s take a look at how the distributor earns.

The Send Out Cards Business Opportunity

With Send Out Cards, there are several different ways to earn. Along with selling the actual products and service, there is the chance to sign-up new distributors to your own team or organization. The more successfully you are, the more you can earn in direct payments and in bonuses.

As a direct sales company, this could be a very lucrative opportunity once you have a solid client base. With such a growing and in-demand market, this shouldn’t be too difficult to do. That’s not to say that it will necessarily be easy though. Family, friends and casual contacts will only take you so far.

You do have to have some marketing no-how in order to get started on the right foot. Learning to drive traffic and generate and convert leads will be important. But once you learn to do that effectively, this is the kind of feel-good product that’s really not difficult to sell.

Possibly the single most important thing you can do to ensure your success is to sign-up with a team that provides this training and support. It’s best to take some time and check this out before joining because you can’t change teams once you are enrolled.

You could take the time to learn how to do this on your own of course, or use company resources, but honestly it’s so much better if you have a team leader you can go to for help and to bounce questions off of. This is particularly the case if you’d like to turn this into a real business, rather than just a way to earn a few extra dollars.

Like other network marketing programs, the real income comes once you start recruiting others to join your team. With a downline in place, the potential is there to earn residual income on an on-going basis.

How the Company Helps You Market

The concept of Send Out Cards, and how it works, is best explained by showing rather than by telling. So the company created an engaging 3 minute video, which quickly demonstrates how quick and easy it is to send cards and gifts through their website.

This video has made selling the concept so much easier for their independent distributors. In today’s busy world, people are looking for fast solutions, so a prospect is easily converted when they watch this short video.

Instead of listening to or reading a lengthy presentation, in three minutes people will know that Send Out Cards can save them time and money.  And knowing that they can make someone’s day by sending out a card or gift makes it even easier to decide that Send Out Cards is for them.

And just like that, you have a new customer and possibly your foot in the door to turn that customer into a distributor – who becomes a member of your downline.

Send Out Cards Earning Potential

As you can see, there is a lot of opportunity to earn, at the very least, some extra money and at most, a substantial income with this program, especially since they do a lot of the selling for you. But exactly how much can you earn?

Like many network marketing programs, the amount that you can earn depends on how much you sell independently and how many others you can recruit. You see, not only do you earn a commission for products you sell yourself but you also get paid a certain percentage for sales made by every distributor that is in your downline.

Then there are the bonuses. The company pays out a lot of different bonuses, as incentives for increasing your sales volume, building your own business and helping others to build theirs too.

Finally, as you build your business, you can move on up in the ranks within the company which entitles you to even more and bigger bonus payouts.

The Cost of Joining Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards is not the cheapest direct sales program out there. At a minimum, and in order to become an independent distributor, you’ll need to invest $50, which is refundable. There is a $59 annual renewal fee as well.

If you are ready to jump in and turn this into a real business, you can join as a Marketing Distributor for an initial cost of $395. As you might expect, you get a lot of extras for this, including websites to use to promote your business and a distributor kit.

Although there are a lot of positives about this program as an income generator, this option may be a bit pricey for those just getting started in network marketing.

The Verdict on Send Out Cards

All in all, SendOutCards is a solid company. If you decide to get involved in marketing their products, you can expect to enjoy your work. But be prepared to spend time selling both the product and the business opportunity in order to maximize your earning potential.

Mike Stokes

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2 Responses to Send Out Cards Review – Can You Make Money With A Feel Good Site?

  1. Great Review Mike!

    I have been with Send Out Cards since the beginning so I can give some insight. What was once a little greeting card company has turned into so much more …

    When I got involved we had a few thousand pre-designed cards in the catalog and that’s it.

    We now have …

    – 15,000 + Card for all Occasions
    – The ability to make your own custom cards with your picture or logo
    – A Full line of Gifts such as Brownies, Cookies, Gifts baskets, books, kid gifts, pets gifts, gourmet foods and much more
    – A photo store where you can design custom business cards, canvas prints, photo books, custom Iphone and Ipad covers, and much more

    Send Out Cards is a tool that everybody should be using, no matter business you are involved in. Whether you are a Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Attorney, Sales Person, Small Business Owner or Network Marketer … Send Out Cards can help your business

    Jack Bastide
    Proud Send Outs Cards Representative

  2. Rashon says:

    Hello I’m interested send out cards can you please send me more information

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