Solavei Review – Can This Program Really Work?

Solavei Review

solaveiSolavei is a brand new concept in the mobile phone industry. They aim to lower the cost of cell phone plans and draw in new customers by allowing virtually anyone to share in their revenues. Will this idea work in an industry that already has many established cell phone providers and can you make money as a Solavei affiliate? We’ll take a look in this Solavei review.

How many people do you know who don’t have a cell phone? There are probably still a few holdouts but that number is quickly declining, especially with the versatility and popularity of Smart phones. And of those cell phone users, who wouldn’t want a better deal on their monthly plan?

That where Solavei comes in. The Solavei program takes full advantage of that and is a really interesting concept in network marketing.  With Solavei, you can make the choice of simply saving money on your own cell phone bill or kicking it up a notch and earning money for referring others to the program.

As a network marketing program, Solavei is unique in that you don’t have to be an experienced marketer to make money with this program. But does this idea really work or not?

Solavei Basics

Let’s start with the Solavei mission statement. It says that its goal is to make commerce less expensive for consumers. They are all about community but in their case it’s related to saving people money on their mobile phone service.

Their plan is very competitive with other companies. They offer customers unlimited voice, text and data for $49 per month, with no service contract required.

Solavei came into being in late 2011. Since that time, Ryan Wuerch, the founder and CEO of Solavei has put together an impressive team of experienced and knowledgeable people to ensure that the company is able to follow through with its goal of affordable cell phone service.

It’s always reassuring to see that the big boys are willing to get involved, especially when it’s a venture that is new and different like Solavei is. Solavei could have been just another mobile phone company. What sets it apart and what the company is banking on for its success is the method used to market it, which is the MLM way.

If you are a dedicated network marketer looking to get in on the ground floor of a cutting edge concept, then you may well have found that with the Solavei program. Here are a few more details about Solavei as an affiliate opportunity.

Solavei Membership Options

You have several basic options when it comes to Solavei. It all depends what you are looking for when you get involved.

At a basic level, you can choose to just take advantage of the service itself which at $49 per month is a good deal for a cellular phone plan.

You can also become a full Social Member. As a social member, you are a service member, but in addition, you are eligible to be involved in the compensation plan.

If you aren’t interested in the service part of Solavei, you can become what is referred to as a Social Member without service. Here you are basically an affiliate only.

The catch with this is that you have to pay a yearly fee of $149 to take part in the compensation plan. But that may not be a bad thing as it will keep the market from being flooded with affiliates, leaving more of the pie for those who actually use the service.

Features of the Solavei Affiliate Program

It looks like no stone was left unturned to give affiliates all the training and information needed to be successful. This is great for the new marketer because you get everything you need to get started right off the bat, from a website to the use of company presentations which are designed to do the “selling” for you. This is perfect for those who find it hard to close the deal.

The more experienced affiliate will probably want to adapt the material and personalize their approach to get the best conversions from the leads they generate. But until you feel comfortable with the whole process, you can certainly stick with what’s provided and still be successful. Then move on from there.

Either way, you aren’t flying alone. As a member of a team, you will get access to help from your team leader as well as other members of the team. As with most programs, the better the team does, the better each member does financially. Joining the right team is important if you want to turn this into a real money-making venture.

Solavei Compensation Package

This is where Solavei shines. Refer just 3 people or one Trio as it’s referred to, and your cell phone bill starts to decrease each month. Get this up to 9 referrals, or 3 Trios and you’re going to be enjoying free cellular service forever.

Once you start to get these referrals you’re golden because each of your referrals means monthly recurring income to the tune of a minimum of $20 per month.

Solavei has a unilevel type of compensation plan. This means that all new customers and members that you recruit are placed directly under you and become your level 1. Customers and members recruited by anyone in your level 1 are automatically placed in your level 2.

This is your personal network and it’s where your earnings can really explode as the $20 monthly recurring income is paid out on each and every trio in your personal network.

Earning residual income on your trios is only one way of earning with Solavei. You can also earn up to $650 in Fast Action bonuses based on how many trios you can create in your first 60 days of membership.

As you move up in the ranks, you can also earn monthly Path Pay residual commissions as well as one time Path Bonuses for the real movers and shakers.

The bottom line with Solavei is that the more you work the program and enroll members, the more you can earn.

Final Thoughts on Solavei

If there is a downside to this program, it may be that the best way to be successful is by social interaction with others. If you are the kind of person who prefers to work in the background and feels uncomfortable directly marketing to others, then this may not work for you.

But the fact is that most of us will actually be using and benefitting from the Solavei service package. Think of it as helping your friends and family members save money on their cellular phone plan. So it’s not going to be a stretch to talk it up to people you know, or who you interact with on forums or social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or with people you work with.   Solavei is probably that one in a thousand network marketing opportunity where you don’t need a lot of marketing experience to be successful. For that reason and the fact that anyone enrolled as a customer with Solavei will save money, this may be an opportunity you may want to take a closer look at.

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