Stella and Dot Home Jewelry Parties Review

Stella & Dot Review

Stella and Dot Home Jewelry Parties Review Stella & Dot is a company that specializes in selling their jewelry and accessories through home jewelry parties. Right away you get the sense that these are not just regular home parties as their products are marketed by what the company calls ‘Jewelry Stylists’.

Although the concept of having parties to market merchandise in a person’s home isn’t a new one, this company seems to be doing something right if its rising success is anything to go by. This Stella & Dot review will take a thorough look at the program and see whether or not it’s truly possible to earn a real income as a representative.

The company has been around since 2006 and right from the start their marketing model has been the home jewelry party. They quickly realized though that they were a small fish in a big pond. They saw that they needed to make some significant changes if they were going to be able to gain a reasonable share of that market.

And so in early 2008, they relaunched with a new name. Also, at that time they hired several very qualified, high profile jewelry designers to come up with a new, trendier, ready-made line of jewelry and they haven’t looked back since.

Unlike many other direct sales companies who sell their products through home parties, Stella and Dot have actually been able to increase their share of the market. And it’s primarily because of their focus on offering an exceptional product line.

In fact, the Stella & Dot product line is unique and interesting enough to have attracted the attention of a number of celebrities. And these celebrities genuinely love to wear S&D jewelry. Without a doubt, this has given the company a huge boost in its marketing campaign while helping to propel it to the top of this particular segment of the market.

The Stella & Dot Two-Fold Opportunity

The Stella & Dot company is hot. They have been recognized as being an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company, which is proof that there is real growth occurring in this program. It also means that the opportunity to earn a solid income either as a Stella & Dot stylist or as an affiliate is also growing.

Stella and Dot Home Jewelry Parties Review These are two ways to earn with the Stella & Dot company – as a jewelry stylist or as an affiliate. It looks like both can be lucrative, so it just depends on what kind of sales model you prefer.

Earning Money As a Stella & Dot Jewelry Stylist

Stella & Dot jewelry is the primary focus for stylists but they have also expanded their merchandise line to include a variety of accessories. Brand recognition has exploded with the popularity of their products among celebrities. But since you can’t buy Stella and Dot jewelry or accessories in any store, the way is wide open for their stylists to take full advantage and grow their client base.

Stylists are the ones who work what the company calls “trunk parties”, setting up displays and marketing the jewelry and accessories directly. Their job involves lining up a host for a Stella & Dot party and showing the product line to invited guests.

But stylists can also do direct selling from their own homes, which is very convenient for those women who are too busy to attend a party. This is referred to as “style on the go”.

Either way, you can earn commissions on returning customers by directing them to your own website to make other purchases when they are looking for more jewelry down the road.

In addition, any customers who purchase products through an affiliate marketer are also referred to a stylist who then earns a referral commission. This is a great way to build up your customer base.

As a jewelry stylist, you earn between 25% to 30% commission on your sales, depending on your sales volume. It can be pretty easy to earn with Stella & Dot parties. According to statistics supplied by the company, stylists generally earn between $150 and $300 in commissions at the average trunk party.

At this rate, with just a couple of parties a month you are on your way to earning several hundred dollars of extra spending money with just a few hours of work. Of course, it stands to reason that the more parties you’re able to hold, the more you can earn. But that’s just the beginning because you can also set up your own team.

When you start to enroll other stylists to your team, you’re entitled to a percentage of the sales volume of those members of your team. This can be up to 18% depending on your team’s sales volume.

The “build a team and profit” idea is similar to what’s done in many other network marketing programs. It’s a good way to ensure that new stylists get lots of support in their efforts, from their team leaders and from other members of the team. And of course it can increase your income as a stylist and team leader, greatly.

When you join Stella and Dot as a stylist, the initial cost of $199 covers your start-up kit. This start-up kit has enough in it to hold trunk parties, so you’re ready to get started earning right away. After that, there is an annual renewal fee of $59.

Earning Money As a Stella & Dot Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is the other earning model. If you have ever been involved in affiliate marketing, you won’t find any surprises here. It’s ideal for the person who prefers to take a behind the scenes approach to selling. Although you can earn more if you recruit new stylists into the company, you can certainly stick to simply marketing the product on your own and still earn a lucrative income.

There is no fee to join as an affiliate. Unlike some other direct sales companies, the Stella & Dot affiliate program is handled through a third party affiliate network, which in a way seems to add even more legitimacy to the opportunity.

One part of the affiliate compensation model is based on earning 10% commissions. This is paid out on all sales of products made by customers who are referred by the affiliate to the company website. The company supplies marketing tools such as banners, images and text ads which can be used for promotions on your website.

The other part comes when you enroll new stylists into the company. For each referral you earn a straight $100 commission. The only downside here is that you are not building a team or earning a percentage of profits. Stella & Dot do this to ensure that team leaders are stylists themselves and so can better help other stylists to succeed.

The Verdict on Stella & Dot

In most cases, direct sales can be a tough way to earn money. But you won’t have that problem with Stella & Dot jewelry and accessories. That’s because this is the kind of product that almost sells itself. And that’s good news for both stylists and affiliates.

But in the end, real reviews often tell the real truth. In looking at a number of Stella & Dot reviews, I found that they are generally positive which is no real surprise since celebrities and fashion editors alike have endorsed its products.

But these reviews aren’t just written by stylists or others associated with the program. In fact, women who have purchased S&D jewelry have made many of these positive comments. This adds to the validity of the program in my mind.

So is the Stella & Dot program for you?

Well, if you like beautiful jewelry and enjoy spending time socializing and sharing your finds with other women, and you’d like to earn some extra money doing that, then you’re going to love being a stylist with Stella & Dot. And you also have the chance to benefit even more financially by building your own team of stylists.

Although as an affiliate you won’t have the option to build a team, with the way this company is growing there is little doubt that it could turn into a very lucrative program for affiliate marketers too.

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