The Cash Flow Strategy

How a Dead-Broke Motel Desk Clerk
Figured Out How to Retire From
Network Marketing in 151 Days
Without Even Building a Downline!

 Is it really possible to make money on a part-time basis in network marketing?

Dear Network Marketing Friend,

You’re sick and tired of bugging your friends and family.

Your spouse says you’re wasting your family’s hard-earned money…

You buy leads that never requested information… They don’t know why you called them… So they yell at you and hang up in your face…

You buy products every month. Now they’re stacking up in your garage…

… and your significant other is fussing about them.

You’re investing your time and money and your reputation into your network marketing business, and you have nothing to show for it…

How can you convince people to go into business with you when you’re not making any money?

And I know you don’t want to hear “I told you so” from your friends and relatives!

My name is Mike Stokes and I’ve been there and done that and know exactly what you’re going through.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone showed you how to actually make a couple of hundred bucks a month instead of telling you how you can make a million?

What would it be worth to you to just get back all of the money you spend on your products every month?

Just making only that much money would get your spouse off your back and allow you to stay in the game until you learned how to make the BIG BUCKS, wouldn’t it?

The Cash Flow Strategy is all about that and more.

How you first of all break even, and then make a few bucks…

When you’re making money in your business, you’re proud of it, and it shows.

It makes it easier to tell folks what you’re doing… You’re not just “selling a pyramid scheme” any more.

You have a REAL business – a business where the sky really is the limit.

Are you ready to get paid?

The Cash Flow Strategy is a Blueprint for Your Business.

A “Break-Through” Strategy.

A business plan that REALLY works!

Cash Flow Strategy

Cash Flow Strategy

The Cash Flow Strategy Consists of –

1. A physical printed 40-page booklet

2. An audio CD

That will show you how to finally make money in network marketing!

Your order will ship the same or next business day by USPS First Class Mail.


Order your Cash Flow Strategy now.


Cash Flow Strategy 40-Page Booklet PLUS Audio CD – $17.00 + 2.97 Shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

This plan worked for me…

But if you don’t think this Cash Flow Strategy is a good way to get into profit, let me know and I’ll refund your money.

6 Responses to The Cash Flow Strategy

  1. Charles says:

    I will need a copy of THE CASH FLOW STRATEGY. How do I get it?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Charles.

      Thank you for your interest in The Cash Flow Strategy.

      The Cash Flow Strategy will consist of a 40-page booklet plus an audio CD.

      It will be available on this page as soon as we get the CD back from the producer.

      I’ll also send you an email when we are able to ship.



  2. ellen says:

    Hi Mike , We just returned to N.Y. from Destin last night . Looking for a way to stay there . Thanks for any advise . Ellen

  3. Carson says:

    Hey Mike,

    Does your method still work the same today as it did in 1999?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Carson,

      Thank you for your very relevant question!

      In my opinion, this is the ONLY method that will work for 99% (or more) of the people that want to build a network distribution channel.

      And, to top it off, with the new direction the FTC seems to be taking, this method could possibly be the only LEGAL way to build a network marketing business.


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