The Network Marketing VT Compensation Plan – Simple But Lucrative

The Network Marketing VT Compensation Plan

Update: 1/22/2013 – Jason Spurlock of Network Marketing VT announced today that the company is suspending operations due to persistent software challenges.

network marketing vtIn an industry filled with direct marketing programs, each having a different compensation model, the Network Marketing VT compensation plan stands alone. That’s quite a claim but it’s true, and the reason is that the NMVT comp plan is simple yet highly lucrative

What’s refreshing about Network Marketing VT is the transparency of the compensation plan. In other network marketing companies, the compensation plans are so complicated and murky you practically need a degree in math to figure them out and even then you may still feel like they don’t quite make sense.

Rest assured you won’t have that problem with NMVT. Their compensation plan really is as simple and straightforward as it first appears. But there’s even more reason to get excited.

The Network Marketing VT comp plan was good when the program first opened with its 100% commissions, but with recent changes it’s gotten even better. The plan has been tweaked and as a result is even more appealing, with even the new marketer able to benefit substantially from the changes.

That’s important because in order to get new people involved in network marketing and willing to stick with it, there is a need for them to see fast results. If they are able to quickly begin to start earning, it gives them a reason to stay with a program. And that’s what can easily occur with the NMVT compensation plan.

Basic Information About The NMVT Comp Plan And The Monthly Fees

As good as a program may be and despite any glowing reviews, the make or break issue for a person deciding whether or not to join up is the compensation plan. Because let’s face it – you join a network marketing company to make money.

So the better the compensation plan is, the more incentive there is to join. Network Marketing VT has an amazing compensation plan and a very affordable monthly fee schedule to go along with it. Here’s how it works.

As a member, you will incur two costs on a monthly basis: your membership fee of $98 and an administration fee of $19.95. Let’s break it down to make it even clearer.

The cost of your membership is a straight $98 a month, no matter if you are a new member or a seasoned veteran. Your $98 fee goes directly to your sponsor, as 100% commissions are paid out on all membership fees.

(But remember since you too earn 100% commission, as soon as you get a single person to sign up and start paying, your own membership is going to be free. Much more information on that in a little bit)

The only real out-of-pocket expense is an additional small monthly administration fee of $19.95. This fee is the only amount that is ever paid out to the NMVT program itself. They use it to maintain the company and to continue to provide high quality training and VIP support for their members.

(Oh and by the way, that admin fee doesn’t change even if you have hundreds of referrals.)

Sounds good so far, doesn’t it. But we’re just getting started.

With NMVT, there are no expensive upgrades to purchase, unlike other popular programs which we won’t mention. That means that everyone operates on a level playing field, so if you are starting off without a lot of money to invest, you won’t be missing out on earning opportunities because you can’t afford to purchase a specific upgrade.

You can try NMVT without any risk for 14 days, before any fees at all kick in. You could even start earning before you have to start paying. You see, your monthly fee will be covered if you have your first referral signed up before your 14 day trial period is up.

Leveraging NMVT and Making Money

With NMVT, you earn residual income which increases with each new referral that you add. In fact, you get to keep the commissions for every one of your referrals, except for the second one. The second one gets passed up to the person who sponsored you in the first place.

So no matter how many people you refer, the $98 for every single paid referral goes back to you, with the only exception being your 2nd referral.

The beauty of this pass-up system (and this is where the leveraging comes in) is that it works for you too because you also receive the 2nd referral from every person you sponsor. It’s called the Reverse 1 Up system.

The Reverse 1 Up System Explained

Reverse 1 UP is a whole new concept of compensation in network marketing and is a big reason for the overwhelming success of the NMVT program. It’s rare for someone to quit this network marketing program because of the opportunity to be able to break even so quickly.

But the fact is you’re not just going to break even. Through the power of Reverse1 Up, you can explode your income.

This system is simple yet powerful for a number of different reasons. For one thing, it’s different from the traditional pass-up system and this difference is what makes it so powerful. With a traditional pass-up payout, the first referral gets passed up to the sponsor.

It’s no secret that it can take awhile for those who are new to network marketing to be able to drive traffic and convert leads. As a result they are often out of pocket right from the get-go, which can be discouraging.

On the other hand, the Reverse 1 Up system is encouraging for new marketers because they get to keep that first referral and so have their monthly membership fee paid right away. That means the only thing they have to pay is the small admin fee.

So with the Reverse1 Up, you break even right away which is a great feeling. It’s aimed at encouraging you to stick with the program so you can start to experience the thrill of “perpetual profit” right away.

Another term for perpetual profit is residual income – the kind that just keeps going on and on indefinitely. You earn this kind of income with Network Marketing VT because of how the second referral from every person you sign-up gets passed up to you, no matter how many people you sign up.

As long as this person remains a paying member (and why wouldn’t they since their own membership is paid for) and has at least 2 referrals, you earn 100% commission to the tune of $98 every month.

Just to give you an idea of how much this can translate into, for every 10 referrals you covert, you can earn almost $1000 a month – perpetually. Sign up 20 people who each have 2 referrals and earn $2000 a month residually. And so on. Simple yet powerful.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the Network Marketing VT compensation plan is unparalleled in the industry. To make the most of this opportunity, it helps to have a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed. But the real difference maker is the team you sign up with. A great team will include coaching, training and assistance in learning how to generate and convert leads.

Combine this with the software and tools that come with your membership in NMVT and you have the winning combination that will allow you to start creating a monthly, quit your day job, residual income.

Mike Stokes

Mike Stokes

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