Using Article Marketing As Advertising

Using Article Marketing As Advertising

article marketingUsing article marketing as an advertising technique has been a long-standing and effective way to reach customers, both offline and online. Used properly, it allows you to introduce and promote your products and services, while establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

It’s going to be a lot more difficult to break into article marketing offline though because this is a more traditional market with stricter rules and guidelines, and a more limited pool of places that may be willing to accept your articles. But you can get amazing results if your article is accepted in the right publications. Consult the Writer’s Market book which is updated annually, for submission details.

If you market online, you are in luck because there are endless opportunities to use article marketing on the web. Unlike print publications which are relatively limited, there are numerous article directories where you can quickly publish your articles online. Instead of waiting months to be published in a magazine, your articles can be live on the web and producing results in a very short time.

There is a specific way of writing effectively for the Internet though.

Articles are written to provide some valuable information to readers, but not so much that they have the whole story. That’s because you want them to visit your website, so you can interest them in opting into your newsletter or persuade them to purchase your product or service.

So it’s important that your title gets them curious enough to start reading and that your article is interesting enough that they read through right to the resource box at the end, which will be hyper-linked to your website.

The more articles you write and publish, the more free advertising you will have working for you. But you can’t just submit, poorly written articles that are stuffed with keywords.

At the most, you’ll want to use your keyword phrase in your title, then again in the first sentence or two, and then possibly a couple of other times at various places in the article, depending on how long it is. A good ballpark figure is to have your keyword phrase as about 2% of the total words in your article.

And it’s important that your articles are well written. After all, you’re using them to brand your business and you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

It’s a good idea to focus on a different keyword or keyword phrase in each article you write too. That way you’ll be drawing visitors to your site for many different keywords.

One of the main reasons for submitting your articles to directories instead of just publishing them on your own site is because directories tend to rank well in the search engines. As a result, you can share in the higher volume of visitors that many article directories enjoy.

As a business owner, article marketing is just too good a promotional opportunity to pass up, especially if you opt to use online resources exclusively.

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