Visi Global Company Review

Visi Global Review

visi globalAccording to the Visi-Global company, their goal is to help others to attain their full potential in life. They plan to achieve this goal by focusing on the personal development of their members. But as wonderful as this goal may sound, if they are going to be successful there has to be a quality product line to go along with it. In this Visi-Global review we’ll take a good look at the products as well as the opportunities that are lined up for members and see how it all stacks up.

Unlike many other companies which rely on direct sales to move their products, Visi sets itself apart by their focus on developing leadership and excellence in their members, while creating exceptional products for them to market.

Visi is a company which specializes in producing products which contain natural ingredients which are found in the pristine region of Scandinavia.

Plants and berries like Lingonberry, Vikingberry and Arctic Cloudberry which are able to survive the harsh conditions of Scandinavian winters and the intensity of its summers are brimming with potent nutritional properties. It is these which form the basis of the Visi product line.

And there is no denying the lure that pure and natural products have for those who are concerned about their health and well-being.

Visi makes products which focus on wellness, energy and weight loss. When you think about it, that seems to cover the areas that most people are concerned with.  In fact they market their products as being life-changing and use the lure of combining modern medicine with ancient healing secrets. It makes for a pretty powerful message to present to consumers.

Visi-Global Products

There is no doubt that Visi-Global products will appeal to those who are looking for more in life.

But another point which can’t be overlooked is the fact that these products flat out taste good. If you’ve ever tried to consume a product that makes you want to swallow without breathing or tasting, you’ll realize just how important this is, especially when it comes time for a customer to re-order a product.

Here is a quick summary of Visi products and their benefits –

Visi Wellness is an all-natural powder which is packed with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and much more. It is billed as being the perfect nutrition solution which works to achieve optimal health and wellness

Visi Energy is the natural alternative to energy drinks, coffee and other beverages which contain caffeine and huge amounts of sugar, but don’t provide the lasting energy that you are looking for. With Visi Energy you get a highly nutritious and all-natural energy drink which promotes sustained energy.

Visi Weight Loss are capsules which contain a blend of natural ingredients which are designed to support weight loss without the side effects that come with many other weight loss products. In addition to being an appetite suppressant, Vis Weight Loss also works to inhibit fat production and support the body’s own natural metabolism.

The Visi Business Opportunity

With the word “Visi” being related to leadership, the Visi opportunity focuses on being able to live a lifestyle of health and wealth and becoming financially independent. But is that a reasonable expectation? Well, the Visi management team certainly feels that these three things are all interrelated.

It starts with using and benefitting from the products yourself so that you can honestly and wholeheartedly promote the products to others. Your personal experiences with the product line will help you to become a successful distributor and to enlist others to share in the opportunity with you.

And it makes a lot of sense to approach the system this way. I can be skeptical when someone is trying to sell me something they don’t use themselves. It’s a lot more convincing when I can see that they believe in the product enough to personally use it. (You may want to keep this in mind if you decide to get involved in the Visi opportunity.)

The first step in gaining the wealth part of the equation is to become a distributor of the products. As you sell more products and are able to enlist others to work with you, then you’re on the road to financial independence.

Is it possible? Well, the ingredients all seem to be in place for it to happen.

* There’s a high quality product line using the holy grail of the health and wellness market – nutritionally rich, natural ingredients.

* The opportunity to sell real products to a market that’s hungry for a healthier lifestyle is also there.

* And finally, when people experience real results with these products, it stands to reason that they’ll want to share their success with family and friends, and if they can get these products for free while doing that, it’s even better.

That leads us to the compensation package. Let’s see if it’s worth the effort to work at the Visi opportunity.

Visi-Global Compensation Plan

With Visi-Global, the emphasis is not only on earning, but on earning enough so that you and your family can be financially secure. They do that with a compensation plan that lets you earn in seven lucrative ways.

As with most other network marketing programs, retail commissions are a big part of the plan. As a distributor, you are entitled to buy products at wholesale price and resell them at retail prices. But building a team is important too, as you can also earn commissions based on your teams’ performance, (up to 20% of the volume both legs of your team generates.)

There are also many different bonuses that you are eligible for, based on how well you and your team does. These include cash and product bonuses, as well as a luxury car bonus once you attain a certain rank within the company. And unlike other companies that make this kind of bonus virtually unreachable except by the highest tier of affiliates, with Visi it seems reachable for the committed affiliate.

On top of all that, you are rewarded financially with a cash bonus for every step you take up the ranking ladder.

The Bottom Line for Visi Global

Visi-Global is a relatively new company which produces a limited number of high quality natural products. They are trying to break into a very competitive market which can be very difficult, especially with all the government regulations to work around.

The Visi company has been careful to avoid making health claims (which is a big no-no with government regulators.) But it’s obvious that they have lots of customers who are quite willing to make these claims based on personal experience.

In the short time that they have been in operation, they have managed to secure a loyal customer base, based on the many testimonials I’ve read. This is a real positive for the company. As a distributor, these testimonials can be a very effective way to help you market the product.

It’s not always a good thing to try to market a new company in a competitive market. But in this case, it may be more a case of getting in early and being able to position yourself near the top, because all indications are that this is a company that will continue to grow steadily in the future.

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