Xyngular Review – Just Another Network Marketing Company Or A Real Opportunity?

Xyngular Review

xyngularXyngular is a network marketing company which focuses on health and wellness. This is a huge market and wide open field with lots of opportunities for a distributor with the right company. In our Xyngular review we’ll see if Xyngular could be the right company, offering a real opportunity.

Xyngular Company Background

One thing that I feel is a real factor in figuring out whether or not a company will be successful is how it’s organized at the top. It looks like Xyngular has nailed this right from the beginning.

Xyngular is the brainchild of Mark Walker, a businessman who has had a lot of success previously in the MLM industry. He believed that one key to success was to put in place a team that had actually worked within the industry.

When Xyngular was launched in late 2009, his management team reflected that belief with over 40 years of industry experience and millions of dollars of sales in network marketing between them.  Since that time they have continued to maintain these same high standards.

Xyngular Business Plan

The lifeblood of any network marketing company is to have great affiliates marketing their products and their business opportunity. To do this they need a hook.

Xyngular has a pretty good hook when it comes to attracting distributors. The company sees itself as being a cut above other MLM companies and they use this premise as a major marketing tool to get distributors to come onboard.

They encourage those looking to get involved in network marketing to choose Xyngular by setting itself apart from other network marketing companies.

They do that by marketing their company as a unique opportunity that has it all for the right person. You might be that person if:

• You’d like to be involved in a company which offers outstanding products in an exploding market • You’re looking for a network marketing model which is extremely profitable • You want to have genuine support to help you reach a high level of success

Those ideas are just rhetoric for many of the companies which decide to enter the network marketing arena, but for Xyngular, they seem to actually be true.

The number one reason for failure in an MLM company is the product. Some companies just have bad products while others sell products which have too narrow an appeal. This isn’t going to be a concern with the Xyngular company.

Xyngular has a wide range of high quality products that have been created to meet consumer demands for products that provide solutions in the areas of weight loss, wellness and vitality.

Another key component is the build-in ability to earn residual income. That means you get paid over and over for your efforts and is one of the real appeals of network marketing over straight affiliate marketing. There is real opportunity to earn recurring income with the way that Xyngular has set up their compensation plan.

A third factor is the marketing system. Having a system in place which has been tested and tweaked so it brings the greatest opportunity for conversions for marketers is important.

Here’s one example to illustrate. When you join Xyngular, you get your own personalized website. In and of itself this is great as it lets you have what you need to start right in building your business.

Let’s face it, building and maintaining a website can be difficult and tedious, or expensive if you hire out this job. This is time that could be better spent on using the many resources provided by the company to help you succeed.

And with a full suite of selling tools and guides, along with assistance from team leaders, other distributors, and company coaches and mentors; it’s a lot more likely that you will be successful even if you have zero experience going in.

Xyngular Product Line

Xyngular has products that focus on the areas of vitality, wellness and weight loss with each one addressing a specific area. There is basically something for everyone here, making it easy to promote Xyngular products to a wide range of potential customers.

There has never been a time when interest in nutritional supplements has been higher. A number of products which are designed to increase energy and provide nutritional support are available to address this need in the marketplace.

The premier product is called Super Fruit Global Blend. This nutritional supplement in juice form is packed with antioxidants and the ingredients have been scientifically combined to promote physical and nutritional well-being. Another positive feature is that their Super Fruit Blend has come out on top of numerous blind taste tests against other companies who also produce nutritional beverages.   Xypstix contains all the ingredients of their Super Global Blend, plus aloe vera and xanthones, but come in single serving packets which can be dissolved in water. Xypstix will provide an extra nutritional boost while increasing your overall health and immune system.

Other products include Axion, a nutritional supplement in capsule form which works to increase absorption of nutrients.

Admittedly many of the product line focuses on weight loss, and the reason is clear. If there are many people concerned with being healthy and having increased energy, there are many, many more who are intensely concerned with losing weight.

The choice of products here is complete. It starts with Xyng, a blend of all-natural ingredients which was created to help people reach their weight loss goals while boosting metabolism and increasing energy.

Then there is Coreo4, a suite of four different products which work together to help with weight loss while increasing energy and leading to better overall health. Taken in pill form, this is a holistic, clinically proven approach to weight loss.

In addition, there is a combo product called the Ignite Fat Burning System which packages several products together and is designed to maintain weight loss.

If that’s not enough, there are also Personal Nutrition Packs available which are custom created to address specific nutritional needs.

It’s obvious that the product line is stellar. But how about the compensation plan?

Xyngular Compensation Plan

The basic plan is set up to allow members to benefit through their own personal efforts, as well as to share in the overall success of the company. They do this through a unilevel, or straight line model.

The beauty of this model is that every new distributor can start to earn quickly from spill-over created from the top of the company.

Not many network marketing companies use this model which is unfortunate because it’s a definite plus for distributors. Xyngular’s compensation plan definitely has an edge for this reason.

Aside from that, Xyngular has five different ways to earn.

First, you can earn commission on retail sales. This can be done directly to your customers or indirectly through your own personalized Xyngular website.

The second way to earn is through residual income which goes down to 8 levels. Amazingly you get paid monthly for every bottle of product purchased by anyone throughout your 8 levels. This is long-term recurring income – the very best kind to have!

Third: Xyngular also pays out what they refer to as Rapid Rewards, on the first 4 levels. This allows you to earn almost double on all purchases made in the first month by new distributors you’ve enrolled.

Fourth is the Xyngular Quick Start bonus which allows you to earn an additional $100 when you order a specified amount of products and enroll 4 new distributors who also meet these requirements. This must happen within 30 days of starting your business.

Lastly are the Corporate Sales Pools which pay each distributor a share of the overall product sales within the company. The higher the level you attain within Xyngular, the more you will earn with this pool.

To sweeten the pot even more, there is a variety of other rewards and incentives available as part of the Passport Program. By meeting certain goals, distributors can qualify for prizes ranging from free travel to cash bonuses.

Xyngular Support for Distributors

Since Xyngular is set up on a single tier or leg, it pays for all members to help each other. You secure your place in line based on when you join up. That’s great on its own but honestly, someone new to network marketing will benefit from some extra help, especially at the beginning.

Xyngular has stepped up to the plate in going beyond the impressive training materials available for distributors by providing that extra level of assistance.

As part of their Passport Program, the first trip which can be earned takes distributors to Xyngular headquarters in Utah where you stay at a luxury resort and get to meet, network, and pick the brains of other distributors as well as members of Xyngular’s Corporate team.

Not many companies provide this level of support for its distributors.

Xyngular Review Conclusion

When you put the entire package together, it leads me to conclude that Xyngular is not just another network marketing company, but a real, honest to goodness opportunity.

If you’re willing to put in the effort that any new business requires, there’s no reason why even those new to network marketing cannot succeed in a big way.

Mike Stokes

Mike Stokes


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